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Scailing Dam Sailing Club, UK

Scarborough Bluffs Sailing Club, Canada


Scarborough Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1895

Scharfhout Yacht Club, Belgium

Schooner Island Yacht Club, NJ, US

Schuylkill River Power Squadron, PA, US

Scituate Harbor Yacht Club, MA US

Scuffed Keel Yacht Club, US

Sculch Cove Yacht Club, MA, US

Sea Clif Yacht Club

Sea Cliff Yacht Club, NY, US

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Sea Harbor Yacht Club, NC, US

Sea Isle City Yacht Club, NJ, US

Sea Masters Sailing Club, FL. US

Sea Ray Boat Club, CA, US

Sea Ray Boat Owners

Sea Rovers Association, Australia

Sea Scout Ship 1942, VA, US


Sea View Yacht Club, UK, Founded 1893, and origin of the spinnaker

SEABACS Yacht Club, WA, US

Seabornia YC

Seabornia Yacht Club, Japan

Seabrook Sailing Club

Seabrook Sailing Club, TX, US

Seafarers Yacht Club

Seaford Yacht Club, VA, US

Seaford Harbor Yacht Club, NY, US

Seagate Yacht Club, CA US

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Seal Beach Yacht Club, CA, US

Seapath Yacht Club, NC, US

Seaside Park Yacht Club, NJ, US

Seattle Sail & Power Squadron, WA, US

Seattle Singles Yacht Club, WA, US


Seattle Yacht Club, WA, US
Founded 1892

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Seaside Park Yacht Club, NJ, US
Founded 1899

Seawanhaka Yacht Club, NY, US,
Established 1871

Seaway Boat Club, MI US

Seaweed Yacht Club, NY, US

Sedona Yacht Club, AZ, US

Seebrucker Regatta-Vereins e.V., Germany

GarnerlandSMC.gif (17754 bytes)

Segel und Motorboot Club Garnerland und Walensee, Switzerland

Segal und Yachtclub Herrliberg

Segal-Club Frankenau Limbruch, Germany

Segel-Club Wurmsee Starnberg, Germany

Segelclub Altenrhein, Switzerland

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Segelclub Fischen, Germany

Segelclub Inning am Ammersee e.V., Germany

KemptonNSC.gif (2837 bytes)

Segalclub Kempten Neidersonthofener See, Germany


Segelclub Landsberg a. Lech e.V., Germany

Segel Club Männedorf

Segalclub Mannedorf, Switzerland

Segelclub Neuburg / Donau e.V., Germany

Segelclub RHE e.V. Germany
Founded 1855

Segelclub oberer Walensee, Switzerland

Segelclub Rietli Goldach

Segelclub Rietli Goldach, Switzerland

Segelclub Spandau

Segelclub Spandau, Germany

Segelclub Tribschenhorn


Segelgemeinschaft Erlangen, Germany

Segelkameradschaft Das Wappen, Germany

Segelverein Förmitzspeicher e.V. Germany

Segelverein Speichersee Emsland, Germany

Seglerclub Simssee, Germany

Segler-Gemeinschaft Munchen, Germany

Segler Verband Niedersachsen, Germany

Segler Vereinigung Altona-Oevelgonne, Germany

Segler Vereinigung Bottighofen, Switzerland

Segler-Vereingung Burlage Dummer, Germany

Segler Vereinigung Graviede- Lembruch, Germany

Segler Vern Grossenheidorm

Seglervereinigung Hude, Germany

Segler Vereinigung Thalwil, Switzerland

Sejlklubben Rødvig-Stevns, Denmark

Selby Bay Yacht Club, MD, US

Semiahmoo Yacht Club, WA, US

Seminole Power Squadron, FL, US

Seneca Power Squadron, NY, US

Senneville Yacht Club, Quebec, Canada

Sequim Bay Yacht Club, WA, US

SequoiaYC.jpg (6263 bytes)

Sequoia Yacht Club, CA, US

Sesachacha Yacht Club, MA, US

SetauketYC.gif (3530 bytes)

Setauket Yacht Club, NY, US

Seven Motor Yacht Club, UK

Seven Seas Cruising Association, CA, US

Severn River Yacht Club, MD, US

Severn Sailing Association, MD, US

SevernSC.gif (1504 bytes)

Severn Sailing Club, UK

Sewanhaka Power Squadron, NY, US

Seymour Power Squadron, BC, Canada

Shady Oaks Yacht Club, MD, US

Shallotte River Power Squadron, NC, US

Shanklin Sailing Club, UK

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Shark River Beach & Yacht Club, NJ, US

Shasta Yacht Club, CA

ShattemucYC.gif (1761 bytes)

Shattemuc Yacht Club, NY, US,
Established 1885

Shearwater Sailing Club, MD, US

Shearwater Yacht Club, Canada

Sheboygan Power Squadron, WI, US

Sheboygan Yacht Club, WI, US


Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club, NY, US

Shediac Bay Yacht Club, Canada

SheldrakeYC2.gif (3120 bytes)

Sheldrake Yacht Club, NY, US

Shell Bank Yacht, NY, US

Shelley Sailing Club, Australia

Shelter Bay Yacht Club, WA, US

Shelter Island Yacht Club, NY, US

Shelton Yacht Club, WA, US

Sherborn Yacht Club, MA, US

Shilshole Bay Yacht Club, WA, US

Shoestring Sailing Association, TN, US

Shore Acres Point, NY, US

Shore Acres Yacht Club, NJ, US

Shoreham Boat Club, NY, US

Shoreham Sailing Club, UK

Shoreline Yacht Club of Long Beach, CA, US

Shores Harbor Club, MI, US

Shreveport Power Squadron, LA, US

Shrewsbury Power Squadron, NJ, US

Shrewsbury River Yacht Club, NJ, US

ShrewburyS&YC.gif (4172 bytes)

Shrewsbury Sailing & Yacht Club, NJ, US

Shreveport Yacht Club, LA, US

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