Registered Starting Line Class Flags

The following starting line class flags are recommended for use by Race Committees.  Many of these flags are approved by the Class Associations.  Other class flags are waiting confirmation from the Class Association, and others are our interpretation.  Because each Race Committee has different classes, it is recommended the respective RC specify different base colors for each class they will be starting to eliminate confusion with other classes.  The starting line class flags below can be modified to display various background colors.

  210 Class
  420 Class
  A Beatle Cat Class
   Albacore Class
  Beatle Cat Class
  Blue Jay Class
   Buccaneer 18 Class
  Corsair Class
  C-Scow Class
  Dragon Class
  E Scow Class
  Europe Class
  Finn Class
   Flying Fifteen Class
  Flying Scott Class
   Graduate Class
  Hobie Class
   Hobie 33 Class
   Hornet Class
   International 14 Class
  International 505
  J24 Class
  Laser Class
  Lightening Class
  M Scow Class
  Melges 24 Class
   Merlin-Rocket Class
  Mirror Class
   Narca Class
   National 18 Class Association
   National Twelve Class
   Osprey Class
  Optimist Class
   Redwing Class
  S2  7.9 Meter Class Association
   Sabot Class
 Sailboard Class
  Sandbagger Class (Beatle Cat)
   Sandpiper Class
   Scorpion Class
   Sonar Class
   Soverel 33 Class
   Solo Class
   Sonata Class
   Squib Class
   Star Class
  Sunfish Class
   Swallow Class
   Tasar Class
  Thistle Class
  Vanguard 15 Class

HELP The Burgee Shoppe is fast becoming the largest supplier of starting line class flags in the industry.  However we need input from the Class Associations.  If your class flag is not displayed here, please contact us to set the standard for your class.  Please contact to register your class burgee.









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