Why Use a Marine Pressure Cooker

There are many different styles of pressure cookers on the market. but only the Fagor Marine Pressure Cooker is recommended for use on boats and RVs.  The Marine Pressure Cooker is the result of years of experience and research in galley appliances and it is designed to meet the highest safety standards at sea.  Made from stainless steel, the Marine Pressure Cookers have a special type of locking lid that provides the extra safety required onboard a boat.  The Marine Pressure Cooker is designed for the lid to only slides off sideways, and the safety clamps provide additional insurance in cases where the two pressure relief valves get plugged and releases the steam downward away from the cook.  Other styles of pressure cookers are not recommended for use on boats.


Benefits of an Onboard Marine Pressure Cooker

* Fast efficient cooking in one third of the cooking time - save fuel
* Enables multi-level cooking of food, all in one pot
* Employs a three ply diffuser base for even heat distribution
Works on all heat sources, alcohol, propane, CNG, your Magma BBQ, even wood burning stoves and campfires.
* Easy to clean stainless steel
Functions as an emergency water distiller - convert sea water to drinking water.  Approximately 1 quart per hour.
Healthy -- saves the vitamins, minerals and proteins lost in other methods of cooking
Allows for cheaper cuts of meat found in foreign markets to be used because of the tenderizing process of pressure cookers.
* Preserve the color and texture of vegetables lost in microwave cooking

Marine Pressure Cookers are Versatile

*  Bake breads and cakes
*  Use as a canner
*  Use as an oven for roasting and baking
*  Use as a steamer for vegetables
*  Use as a distiller
 Use as a pressure fryer.  This is the only pressure cooker that can be
 used as a pressure fryer because of the style of locking lid.

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