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A Dock Social Club, CA, US

Aahmes Shrine Yacht Club, CA, US

Abbey Sailing Club, UK
Abbey Yacht Club Abbey Yacht Club, WI, US

Aberdeen and Stonehaven Yacht Club, UK

Absecon Island Power Squadron, NJ, US

Abu Dhabi Sailing Club, United Arab Emirates

Acadiana Power Squadron, LA, US

Acapulco Club de Yates, Mexico
Achema Yacht Club, Lithuania

Adelaide Sailing Club, Australia
Formerly Glenelg and Holdfast Bay Sailing Clubs

Admirals Annapolis Yacht Club, MD, US

Admirality Marina Club, NY, US

Adobe Yacht Club, CA, US

Aeghio Sailing Club, Greece

Aeolian Yacht Club, CA, US

Agamenticus Yacht Club, ME, US

Saltwater Flushing Bags
Flush Outboard Motors

Agate Pass Power Squadron, WA, US

Aghios Nikolaos SC

Aghios Nikolaos Sailing Club, Greece

Airisto Segelsallskap, Finland
Founded 1865

Akademischer Yacht Club, Germany

Akron Power Squadron, OH, US

Akron Yacht Club, OH, US

Alameda Yacht Club, US Jumpfish.gif (6153 bytes)


Alamitos Bay Yacht Club, CA, US

Alamitos Power Squadron, CA, US

Alaska Sailing Club, AK, US

Albatross Yacht Club, MI, US


Alamo Yacht Club, TX, US

Alamoosook Yacht Club, ME, US

Alaska Outdoors Directory, AK, US

Albany Yacht Club, NY, US
Established 1873


Albert Park Yacht Club, Australia
Founded 1871

AlbertSC.jpg (6667 bytes)

Albert Sailing Club, Australia

Alexandra Yacht Club, ON, Canada

Alexandra Yacht Club, UK
Founder 1873

Algoa Bay Yacht Club, South Africa

AlhandraSC.gif (1058 bytes)

Alhandra Sporting Club, Portugal

Ali6 Sailing Club. Italy

Alitalia Sailing Club, Italy

All Ports Yacht Club, OH, US

All Volunteer Yacht Club, CA, US

Allen Harbor Yacht Club, MA, US

Aloha Owners Association, US & Canada

Alpena Power Squadron MI, US

Alresford Creek Boat Owners Associaton, Essex, UK

Alsterpiraten.gif (1015 bytes)

Alster Piraten Club, Hamburg, Germany
Founded 1898


Altea, Club Nautico de, Spain


Altenrhein Segelclub, Switzerland

Altmühltal-Segelclub e.V., Germany


Alum Creek Sailing Association, OH, US

American International Yacht Club, Berlin, Germany

Saltwater Flushing Bag
Protect your engine from saltwater

American Legion Yacht Club, CA, US

American Power Boat Association, CA, US

American Yacht Club, NY, US
Founded 1883

American Yacht Club, MA, US
Founded 1885

Amherst College Sailing Team, MA, US

Ammerlander Segelclub, Germany

AnacapaYC.gif (4598 bytes)

Anacapa Yacht Club, CA, US

AnacortesYC.gif (1773 bytes)

Anacortes Yacht Club, WA, US,
Founded 1891

Anchor Bay Power Squadron, MI, US

Anchor Bay Yachting Assoc, MI, US

Anchor Yacht Club, PA, US

The Anchorage Yacht Club, IL, US

Anclote Key Sail & Power Squadron, FL, US

Anderson Island Irregulars, CT, US

Anderson Power Squadron IN, US

Andreas Cove Yacht Club, CA, US

AndrosNC.gif (2546 bytes)

Andros Nautical Club, Greece

Androscogging Yacht Club, ME, US

Anglesea Motor Yacht Club, Australia

Ann Arbor Power Squadron, MI, US

Ana Maria Island Power Squadron, FL, US

Annapolis MD Capital Yacht Club, MD, US

AnnapolisNSA.gif (4252 bytes)

Annapolis Naval Sailing Association, MD, US

Annapolis Power Squadron MD, US

Stil downloading

Annapolis Yacht Club, MD, US
Founded 1886

Annisquam Yacht Club, MA, US
Founded 1896

Antigua Yacht Club, Antigua

Antique & Classic Boat Society, US

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Our apologies for not including all the links to the Yacht Clubs listed.  However we feel that unless they have their own Domain Name, their address will possibly change every year with the Flag, making this list obsolete.  If your Yacht Club has a Domain Name you would like to list, please E-mail us the new address.


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