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Sable Point Power Squadron, MI, US

Sacandaga Power Squadron, NY, US

Sachem's Head Yacht Club, CT, US

Saco Yacht Club, ME, US
Founded 1878

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Sacramento Power Squadron, CA, US


Sacramento Yacht Club, CA, US

Saddle River Power Squadron, NJ, US

Safety Harbor Boar Club, FL, US

Sag Harbor Yacht Club NY, US
Founded 1899

Sagamore Yacht Club, NY, US

Saginaw Bay Power Squadron, MI, US


Saginaw Bay Yacht Club, MI, US,
Established 1894

Sahib Shrine Yacht Club, FL, US

Sailing Center Chesapeake MD, US

Sailing & Cruising Association, UK

Sailing Club Mornar Split, Croatia


Sailing Club of Oriental, NC, US

Sailing Club Rietli, Switzerland

Sailing Club of Rijeka, Croatia

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Sailing Club of the Chesapeake, MD, US

Saint Barth Yacht Club, Caraibe

Saint Moritz Sailing Club, Switzerland

Saint Petersburg Central River Yacht Club, Russia

Saints & Sinners yacht Club, FL, US

Saipan Yacht Club. N. Mariana Islands

Sakonnet Yacht Club, RI, US

Salisbury Power Squadron MD, US

Saltaire Yacht Club, NY, US

Saltash Sailing Club, UK

Salt Creek Yacht Club, FL, US

Salt Spring Island Sailing Club, BC, Canada

Salty Dog Sailing Club, CO, US

Salty Old Boaters Yacht Club, NC, US

Samoan Village Yacht Club, Western Samoa

San Antonio Sail & Power Squadron TX, US

San Blas Islands Yacht Club, Panama

San Carlos Bay Sail & Power Squadron, FL, US

San Diego Sail & Power Squadron, CA, US


San Diego Yacht Club, CA, US

San Diego Association of Yacht Clubs CA, US

San Fernando Valley Power Squadron, CA, US


San Fernando Valley Yacht Club, CA, US

San Francisco Power Squadron, CA, US

San Francisco Yacht Club, CA, US
Oldest West Coast Club, est. 1869

San Joaquin Yacht Club, CA, US


San Jose Sailing Club, CA, US


San Juan Island Yacht Club, WA, US

San Juan Power Squadron, PR, US

San Leandro Yacht Club, CA, US

San Luis Rey Power Squadron, CA, US

SanLuisYC.gif (3260 bytes)

San Luis Yacht Club, CA, US

San Pedro Yacht Club, CA, US

San Rafael Yacht Club, CA, US

Sanctuary Cove Yacht Club, Australia

Sand Hills Yacht Club, NE, US

SandelfjordSC.gif (8999 bytes)

Sandefjord Seilforining, Norway

Sandpiper's Cove, FL, US

Sandpoint Sailing Association, ID, US

Sandringham Yacht Club, Australia

Sandusky Power Squadron, OH, US

Sandusky Sailing Club, OH, US

Sandusky Yacht Club, OH, US,
Established 1894

Sandwich Yacht Club, MA, US

SandyBaySC.gif (7984 bytes)

Sandy Bay Sailing Club, Australia


Sandy Bay Yacht Club, MA, US
Founded 1885

SandyBeachYC.gif (392 bytes)

Sandy Beach Yacht Club, NY, US

Sanibel Captiva Sail & Power Squadron, FL, US

Santa Ana Yacht Club

Santa Ana Yacht Club, Phillippines

Santa Barbara Power Squadron, CA, US

SantaBarbaraSC.gif (3585 bytes)

Santa Barbara Sailing Club, CA, US

SBYC.gif (1840 bytes)

Santa Barbara Yacht Club, CA, US
Established 1872

Santa Clara Power Squadron, CA, US

Santa Clara Racing Association, CA, US

Santa Cruz TC

Santa Cruz Yacht Club, CA, US

Santa Margarita Yacht Club, CA, US

Santa Monica Bay Power Squadron, CA, US

Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club, CA, US

Santa Rosa Boat Club, CA, US

Santa Rosa Sailing Club, CA, US

Santana Power Squadron, CA, US

Sao Paulo Yacht Club, Brazil

Saquatucket Harbor Sailing Club, MA, US

Sarasota Bay Parrot Head Club, FL, US

Sarasota Power Squadron, FL, US

Sarasota Sailing Squadron, FL, US

SarasotaYC.jpg (2815 bytes)

Sarasota Yacht Club, FL, US

Saratoga Lake Sailing Club, NY, US

Saratoga Sailing Club, AU

Sarina Power and Sail Squadron, ON, Canada

Sarnia Yacht Club

Sarnia Yacht Club, ON, Canada

Satuit Boat Club, MA, US

Saugatuck Harbor Yacht Club, CT, US

2, MI US

Saugatuck River Sail & Power Squadron, CT, US

Saunderstown Yacht Club, RI, US

Sausalito Cruising Club, CA, US

SausalitoYC.gif (4807 bytes)

Sausalito Yacht Club, CA, US

Sauvie Island Yacht Club, OR, US

Savannah Yacht Club, GA, US
Founded 1869

Savin Hill Yacht Club, MA, US
Founded 1875

Saybrook Power Squadron, CT, US

Sayville Yacht Club, NY, US

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