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Yacht Club am Tegernsee, Germany


Yacht Club Argentino, Argentina
Founded 1883

Yacht Club Austria, Austria

Yacht Club Ascona, Switzerland

Yacht Club Bergamo Citta Dei Mille, Italy

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Yacht Club Braassemermeer, Netherlands  

[Brasileiro Y.C.]

Yacht Club Brasileiro, Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Yacht Club Breitenbrunn, Austria

Yacht Club Cape St Claire, MD, US


Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, Italy

Yacht Club Circolo Nautico Rapallom, Italy

Yacht Club Circolo Nautico Ugo Costaguta, Italy

Yacht Club Crouesty Arzon, France

Yacht Club de Calais, France

Yacht Club de Chile, Chile

Yacht Club de Ilhabela, Brazil

MonacoYC.gif (3310 bytes)

Yacht Club de Monaco, Monaco

Yacht Club de Morgat, France

Yacht Club de Quebec, Canada
Founded 1861

Yacht Club Domaso, Italy

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Yacht Club Horgen, Switzerland

Yacht Club Italiano, Italy
Founded 1879

Yacht Club of Cape St Claire, MD, US

Yacht Club of Greece, Greece

Yacht Club of Pleasantville, NJ, US

Yacht Club of Sea Isle, NJ, US

Yacht Club of Stone Harbor, NJ, US

Yacht Club Olivos, Argentina

Yacht Club Porto Rotondo, Italy

Yacht Club Portoroz, Slovenia

Yacht Club Punta Ala, Italy

RomagnaYC.gif (2229 bytes)

Yacht Club Romagna, Italy

Yacht Club Romanshorn, Switzerland

Yacht Club Sanremo, Italy

Santo Amaro YC

Yacht Club Santo Amaro, Brazil

Yacht Club Sempacher See, Switzerland

Yacht Club Slovakia

Yacht Club Slovakia, Slovak Republic

Yacht Club Tahiti, French Polynesia 

Yacht Clube da Bahia

Yacht Clube da Bahia, Brazil

Yacht Klub of Polski, Poland

Yachtclub Arbon, Switzerland

Yachtclub Romanshorn, Switzerland

Yacht Racing and Athletic Club of Lavrion, Greece

Yacht Racing Club of Athens, Greece
Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lakes, US

Yacht Racing Union of Southern California, US

Yacht u. Rudder-Club Attendorn, Germany

Yachtclub Ansbach-Gunzenhausen e.V., Germany


Yachtclub Braunau Simbach. Austria

Yachtclub Paperburg, Germany

Yacht-Club Noris, Nürnberg, Germany
Yachting Association of Sir Lanka

YakimaValleyBC.bmp (253558 bytes)

Yakima Valley Boat Club, WA, US

YaleCYC.jpg (17283 bytes)

Yale Corinthian Yacht Club, CT, US
Founded 1881

Yankee Cruising Club, MA, US

Yankee Point Yacht Club, VA, US

Yapewi Aquatic Club, NJ, US
Founded 1892

Yaquina Bay Yacht Club, OR, US

YareSC.gif (3800 bytes)

Yare Sailing Club, UK

Yarrow Bay Yacht Club, WA, US

Yateley Offshore Sailing Club, UK

Yeti Yacht Club, MA US

Yokohama Yacht Club, Japan

Yokosuka Yacht Club, Japan
Yonkers Corinthian Yacht Club, US, US
Founded 1889

Yonkers Yacht Club, NY, US
Founded 1879

York Railway Institute Sailing Club, UK

York River Yacht Club, VA, US

York Sail & Power Squadron, PA, US

Youngstown Power Squadron, OH, US

YoungstownYC.gif (343 bytes)

Youngstown Yacht Club, NY, US

Zembo Shrine Yacht Club, PA, US

Zheleznogorsk Yacht Club, Russia

Zushi Marina Yacht Club, Japan

Zululand Yacht Club, South Africa
Zurcher Yacht Club, Switzerland

Stander ZSC

Zyrcher Segel Club, Switzerland

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