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National Class Associations


110 Class Associations
International 110 Class Association

International 14 Class Associations
International 14 Association


210 Class Associations
International 21 Association


29er Class Associations
29er International Sailing Site


420 Class Associations 
British 420 Class Association 
International 420 Class Association 
Sail 420, Ireland


470 Class Associations
470 International Association
470 Ireland


49er Class Associations 
49er International Website


505 Class Associations
International 505 Class Yacht Racing Association

Access Dinghy Class Associations
Access Dinghy Association

Albacore Class Associations
Canada Albacore Association

International Albacore Association
US Albacore Association

Aloha Class Associations
Aloha Owners Association

Beetle Cat Boat Class Associations
New England Beetle Cat Boat Association

Buccaneer 18 Class Associations
Buccaneer 18 Association

logoCblue-small.gif (1496 bytes)

C Scow Class Associations
National C Scow Sailing Association

Cal Class Associations
Cal 20 Association
Cal 25 Asociation
Cal Cruising 46 Owners Association


Capri National Associations
Capri 14.2 National Association
Capri 26 Owners Association 
Capri 30 national Association



Catalina Johnson

Catalina Yachts
Catalina 22 National Association 
Catalina 25/250 National Association 
Catalina 27/270 International Association 
Catalina 28 International
Catalina 30 International Association 
Catalina 320 International Association 
Catalina 34 International Association
Catalina 36 International Association 
Catalina 389 International Association 
Catalina 38 National Association 
Catalina 400 International Association 
Catalina 42 National Association 
Johnson 18 Class Association

Coronado Class Associations
Coronado 15 National Association
Coronado 25 National Association

Day Sailer Class Associations
Day Sailer Association


Dragon Class Associations 
International Dragon Association 

Dublin 1720 Class Association
Dublin 1720 Class


E Scow Class Associations
National Class E Scow Association

Ensign Class Association

Ensign Class Association

elogosm.jpg (2394 bytes)

Ericson Class Associations
Chesapeake Ericson Owners Association


Finn Class Association
International Finn Association

Fireball Class Associations
Fireball International


Firefly Class Associations

Northshore Yachts

Fisher Class Associations
Fisher Owners Association

Flash Class Associations
UK Flash Dinghy Class Association

Flying Dutchman Class Associations
International Flying Dutchman Class Organization 
US Flying Dutchman Association
New Zealand Flying Dutchman Association

Flying Fifteen Class Associations
Flying Fifteen International

Flying Scot Class Associations
Flying Scot Sailing Association

Graduate Class Association

Highlander Class Associations
Highlander Class International Association

Hobie Cat Class Associations
Australian National Hobie Class Association

Austrian Hobie Class Association
Danish Hobie Class Association
European Hobie Class Association
North American Hobie Class Association
Hobie 33 North Amarican Class Association

Hornet Class Associations

Hunter Class Associations
Hunter 707 Class Association, UK
Impala 28 Class Association

Interlake Sailing Class Association

J Boats Class Associations 
International J22 Class Association 
International J24 Class

International Hobie Class Association

Javelin Class Associations
Javelin Home Page

Jeanneau Class Association
Jeanneau-Owners Network

Jubilee Yacht Association

Laser Class Associations
International Laser Class Association 
International Laser Class, North American Region
Irish Laser Association 
International Laser II Class Association

Lightning Class Associations
International Lightning Class Association

Mariner Yachts Associations
Mariner Yachts Owners Group
Melges Class Associations 
International Melges Class Association 

Merlin-Rocket Class Associations

Mirror Class Associations
Mirror Dingy Fun Sailing

Moody Class Associations
Moody Owner's Association

  Classic Moth Boat Association

Moth Class Associations
Classic Moth Boat Association

US Modern Moth Class Association

National 18 Class Association


National Twelve Class Association

Newport 30 Class Association
Newport 30 Class Association

Nonsuch Class Association
International Nonsuch Association

Olson Class Associations
Olson 25 Class Association
Olson 30 National Association

Optimist Class Associations 
International Optimist Dingy Association
Optomist Association of Ireland

Osprey Class Associations
National Osprey Class Association


Redwing Class Associations

Rustler Class Association

S2  7.9 Meter Class Associations
S2 7.9 Class Association, MI

Sabot Class Associations
Sabot Class Association
International Naples Sabot Association

Sandpiper Class Association

Scorpion Class Associations
National UK Scorpion Association

Snipe Class Associations 
Snipe Class International Racing Association

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Soling Class Associations 
Australian International Soling Association 
International Soling Association  

Solo Class Associations

Sonata Class Associations

Splash Class Associations
Splash Klass Organisatie Belgie

UK Splash Association
Splash Flash Klasse Organistatie Nederland

Batt Sails

Squib Class Associations

Star Class Associations 
International Star Class Yacht Racing Association

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Sunfish Class Associations
United States Sunfish Class Association


Swallow Class Associations

Tasar Class Associations

Teeny Class Associations
German Teeny Class Association

Thistle Class Associations
Thistle Class Association

Tornado Class Associations 
International Tornado Association

Windsurfing Class Associations
International Formula Windsurfing 
International Funboard Class 
International Mistral Class 
International Raceboard Class 
International Windsurfer Class 
Irish Windsurfing Association 


Yngling Class Association
International Yngling Association
Yngling Assoication of Canada
United States Yngling Association


If your Class Association has a web site you feel should be included in this list, please send us an E-mail in the bottle.

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