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Burgee Shoppe - Your Source for Burgees and Flags
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Marine Electronic Shoppe - Your Source for Marine Electronics equipment Manuals

Marine Electronic Shoppe


  A great place to buy and sell boats


   Sailing Trophies and Regatta Awards





BURGEE SHOPPE - Your source for the highest quality marine flags and burgees in the industry.  Be it 2 dozen burgees for your yacht club, or a private house flag for your boat, the Burgee Shoppe will make it for you.


Yachting Associations

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Online Virtual Yacht Clubs

Online Yacht Club  

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WWW Yacht Club



Privately Owned Yacht Clubs/Resorts/Businesses


Ocean Reef Yacht Club & Resort, FL, US
Northwest Boat Travel Club, OR, US


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Interesting Sailing Flotsam  

     Burgees and Flags 
     The Burgee Shoppe is Your best source for club burgees and
         other maritime flags.  Their prices are the lowest in the Internet.

     A 1984 Olympic Yachting Retrospective

Produced by Ted Hinshaw, the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee's (LAOOC) Commissioner of Yachting for the 1984 Olympic Games.  Your webmaster was there, also Savannah 1996.
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      Yachts for Sale

     Handcrafted Model Ships


    "is a site for you if you love the sight of the schooner on the sea."

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       All Nautical 

          From Lighthouses to Chelsea Clocks, this is the place to find
           those nautical gifts that are hard to find.  


All Nautical Gifts & Decorations

The largest selection of authentic and replica nautical home decor accents and fixtures."


Thai Teak Marine Co. Ltd.
Manufacturer of teak yacht fittings and teakwood boating furniture

                                           Thai Teak Marine boating products

    Ahoy Captain
            The online source for all your boating needs

     Lloyds Limited Collection

Nautical Search Engines

            The Float Plan
                  a.k.a. 'The Cruisers' Companion'

       Great Nautical Search Engine for everything nautical

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    Nautical Net
        Good place to find Charter Boats

  Mark Rosenstein's Sailing Page
        Probably the largest collection of nautical links on the internet.

    Cruiser Log
        Yacht Position Reports, Maritime Radio Nets, Cruising Forum

La Bella 2 Luxury Power Boat Charters

 A1 Crewed Catamaran Charters -- Virgin Islands

Sailing Rag


Boat Owners World
For listing to every water related recreational activity.

Cal/North Boating-Fishing-Diving Directory

Cal/North Boating-Fishing-Diving Directory
Sources and suppliers, public service and Government agencies and clubs for Northern & Central California & Western Nevada boating fishing, diving sports.

2002 Marine Directory

Mariner's World Online - The first place to look for Boating Information.

SailWeb - Sailing Fixtures & Race Results, UK

South Sailing News - Good coverage of races updated through the day. - Follow the sailing scene in San Diego for both racers and cruisers

Swiss Sailing

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Stay abreast of Swiss Sailing News with this Swiss Ezine.

Torresen Sailing Site

Sailing Information and Sailing Products Globally via the Internet.

WoodenBoat Publications

WoodenBoat Publications

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