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Coast Sailing Club Noordwijk, Netherlands
Coast Survey, NOAA Library, MD, US

Coasters Harbor Navy Yacht Club, RI, US

Coastside Fishing Club, CA, US


Cobourg Yacht Club, Canada

Cockle Island Boat Club, N. Ireland, UK

Cocoa Beach Power Squadron, FL, US

Coconut Grove Sailing Club, FL, US

Cohasset Sailing Club, MA, US

Cohasset Yacht Club, MA, US

Cold Lake Yacht Club, Canada

Cold Spring Boat Club, NY, US

Cold Spring Harbor Beach Club, NY, US

Coldham Hall Sailing Club, UK

ColeraineYC.gif (3671 bytes)

Coleraine Yacht Club, N. Ireland, UK

College of Marin, Sailing Club, CA, US

College of William & Mary Sailing Team, VA, US

College Point Yacht Club, NY, US

Collins Bay Yacht Club, ONT, Canada

Colonial Yacht Club, MD, US

Colorado Sail & Yacht Club, CO, US

ColumbiaBAsin.gif (4749 bytes)

Columbia Basin Sailing Club, WA, US

ColCorSC.gif (4865 bytes)

Columbia Corinthian Sailing Club, MD, US

Columbia Point YC

Columbia Point Yacht Club, WA, US

Columbia River All Catalina Association, OR, US

Columbia River Yacht Club, OR, US

Columbia River Yachting Association, OR, US

Columbia Sailing Association, PA, US

Columbia Sailing Club, SC, US

Columbia University Sailing Team,   NY, US

ColumbiaYC IL

Columbia Yacht Club, IL, US,
Founded 1892
Columbia Yacht Club, MA, US

Columbia Yacht Club, NY, US

Columbia Yacht Club, PA, US

Columbus Power Squadron, OH, US

Columbus Yacht Club, PA, US

Comisión de Regatas de la Escuela Naval Militar de Marín, Spain
Commodore Perry Yacht Club, PA, US

Commodore Yacht Club, TN, US

Commodores Yacht Club, MO, US

Commonwealth Club of Cache Valley, UT, US

Comox Valley Yacht Club, BC, Canada

Compagnia Della Vela, Venice, Italy

Compass Rose Cruising Club, OR, US

Con Trios Yacht Club, MN, US

Conanicut Yacht Club, RI, US,
Established 1892

Conch Cruisers Sailing Club, US

Concord & Ryde Sailing Club, Australia

Concord Yacht Club, TN, US


Coniston Sailing Club, UK

Connell's Point Sailing Club, Australia


Conroe Yacht Club, TX, US

Constitution Yacht Club, MA, US

Convair Sailing Club, CA, US


Conway Yacht Club, Wales, UK

Saltwater Flushing Bags
Flush Outboard Motors

Conyer Cruising Club, UK

Conyer Yacht Club, UK

Cooley Canal Yacht Club, OH, US

Coon Island Yacht Club, WA. US


Cooper River Yacht Club, NJ, US

Coos Bay Power Squadron, OR, US
Coral Bay Yacht Club, US Virbin Islands


Coral Reef Yacht Club, FL, US

Coral Ridge Power Squadron, FL. US

Coral Ridge Yacht Club, FL, US

CorinthianSA.gif (3677 bytes)

Corinthian Sailing Association, Lake Pontchartrain, LA, US

Corinthian Sailing Club, Dallas, TX, US

Corinthian Yacht Club, Marblehead, MA, US, Founded 1885

Corinthian Yacht Club, Maryland, MD, US

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Corinthian Yacht Club, Philadelphia, PA, US, Founded 1892

Corinthian Yacht Club of Cape May, NJ, US

Corinthian YC.gif (4017 bytes)

Corinthian Yacht Club of San Francisco, CA, US, Founded 1886

cornthianWA.gif (3460 bytes)

Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle, WA, US

Corinthian Yacht Club of Tacoma, WA, US

Coronado Cays Yacht Club, CA, US

CoronadoYC.gif (14390 bytes)

Coronado Yacht Club, CA, US

Corpus Christy Power Squadron, TX, US

Corpus Cristy

Corpus Christi Yacht Club, TX, US

Corsair Yacht Club, CA, US

Corsica River Yacht Club, MD, US

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Cortez Racing Association, CA, US

Costa de Oro Power Squadron, CA, US

Cotati Yacht Club, CA, US

CollegePkYC.gif (4450 bytes)

Cottage Park Yacht Club, MA, US

County Antrim Yacht Club, N. Ireland, UK

Cove Sailing Club, Ireland

Covina Power Squadron, CA, US

Cowan Lake Sailing Association, OH, US

CowesCorYV.gif (1924 bytes)

Cowes Corinthian Yacht Club, UK

CoyotePointYC.gif (1677 bytes)

Coyote Point Yacht Club, CA, US

Crab Orchard Lake Sailing Association, IL, US

CramondBC.gif (1201 bytes)

Cramond Boat Club, Scotland, UK 

Cranes Creek Harbor Yacht Club, VA, US

Crawley Mariners Yacht Club, UK
Crescent City Yacht Club Florida FL Crescent City Yacht Club, FL, US

Crescent Yacht Club, MA, US

Crescent Yacht Club, MD, US

CrescentYC.gif (289 bytes)

Crescent Yacht Club, NY, US

Crescent Sail Yacht Club, MI, US

Cresthaven Yacht Club, NY, US

Crew's Nest Boating Club, OH, US

Cromarty Boat Club, UK

Cronulla Sailing Club, Australia

Crooked Lake Yacht Club, MI, US

Crosby Sailing Club, UK

Cross County Power Squadron, NY, US

Croton Yacht Club, NY, US

Crouch Yacht Club, Essex, UK

Cruiser Haven Yacht Club, CA, US

Cruising Assocation, UK

Cruising Club de Suisse, Switzerland


Cruising Club of America, US

Cruising Club of Cape Cod MA, US

Cruising Club of Virginia, VA, US

CruisingYCof A.gif

Cruising Yacht Club Of Australia, Australia
Cruising Yacht Club Hamilton Island, Australia

Cruising Yacht Club of Labuan, Malaysia

Cruising Yacht Club Of South Australia, Australia

Crystal Bay Cove, NV, US

Crystal Lake Yacht Club, MI, US

Crystal River Power Squadron, FL, US

Crystal Sailing Club, MI, US

Cullaun Sailing Club, Ireland

Cushendall Sailing & Boating Club, N. Ireland, UK

Cutler Cove Power Squadron, FL, US

Cypress Landing Yacht Club, NC, US

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