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International Burgee Registry

Burgee Group D

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D Dock Social Club, GA, US

Dagmars Yacht Club, WA, US


Dahlgren Yacht Club, VA, US

Daingerfield Island Sailing Club, VA, US

Dalgety Bay Sailing Club, Scotland, UK


Dalhousie Yacht Club, Canada


Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club, TX, US

Dallas Sail & Power Squadron, TX, US

Dallas Yacht Club, TX, US

The Dales Yacht Club, OR, US

DanaPT YC.gif (2709 bytes)

Dana Point Yacht Club, CA, US

Dana West Yacht Club, CA, US

Danversport Yacht Club Association, MA, US

Darien Sail & Power Squadron, CT, US

Dartmouth Sailing Club, MA, US

Dartmouth Yacht Club, Nova Scotia, Canada

Darwin Sailing Club, Australia

Dataw Island Yacht Club, SC, US


Datchet Water Sailing Club, UK

Davis Creek Yacht Club, MD, US

Saltwater Flushing Bags
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Davis Island Yacht Club, FL, US

DayIslandYC.gif (3767 bytes)

Day Island Yacht Club, WA, US

Dayton Power Squadron, OH, US

Dayton Yacht Harbor, MT, US

Daytona Beach Power Squadron, FL, US

Dearborn Power Squadron, MI, US

Deauville Yacht Club Normandy, France

Deben Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1838

Debonport Yacht Club, NZ

Decatur Power Squadron, IL, US

Deception Pass Sail & Power Squadron, WA, US

Dee Sailing Club

Dee Sailing Club, UK

Deep Bay Yacht Club

Deep Bay Yacht Club, BC, Canada

Deep Cove Yacht Club, Canada

Deep Creek Yacht Club, MD, US

Deep Creek Yacht Club, NY, US
Deep Creek Yacht Club at Turkey Neck, MD, US

Dejima Yacht Club, Sakai, Osaka Japan

Del Norte Yacht & Rowing Club, CA, US

Del Rey Yacht Club, CA, US

DelavanLakeYC.bmp (116578 bytes)

Delavan Lake Yacht Club, WI, US

Delaware River Power Squadron, PA, US

Delaware River Yacht Club, PA, US
founded 1926

Delaware Valley Youth Boating Association, PA, US

Delhigh Power Squadron, PA, US

Dell Quay Sailing Club

Dell Quay Sailing Club, UK

Delph Sailing Club, UK

Delray Beach Yacht Club, FL, US

Delsea Power Squadron, NJ, US

Delta Bayliner Club, CA, US

Delta Marina, CA, US

Delta Yacht Club, CA, US

Demelin Yacht Club, Netherlands

Deneysville Aquatic Club, South Africa

Denver Sailing Association, CO, US

Denver Sailing Club, UK

Dering Harbor Yacht Club, NY, US

Derwent Reservoir Sailing Club, UK

Derwent Sailing Squadron, Australia

Des Moines Yacht Club, WA, US

Detroit Power Squadron, MI, US

DetroitRegYA.gif (2432 bytes)

Detroit Regional Yacht-Racing Association, MI, US


Detroit Yacht Club, MI, US
Founded 1868

Devonport Yacht Club, New Zealand

Dhekelia Sailing Club, Cyprus

Diablo Sail & Power Squadron, CA US

Diablo Sailing Club, CA, US

Diablo Water Ski Club, CA, US

Diablo Yacht Club, CA, US

Diamond Lake Yacht Club, MI, US

Diego Garcia Yacht Club, Chagos Archipelago, UK

Dill Pickle Yacht Club, CA, US

Dillon Yacht Club, CO, US

DinahBeachCYA.jpg (19129 bytes)

Dinah Beach Cruising Yacht Association, Australia

Dinard Yacht Club, France

DinghyCruisingAss.gif (1528 bytes)

Dinghy Cruising Association, UK

Discovery Bay Yacht Club, CA, US

Discovery Bay Yacht Club, Hong Kong

District Yacht Club, DC, US

Dixie Sailing Club, AL, US

Dixon Boat & Fishing Club, CA, US

Dobson Yacht Club, NS, Canada

Dog Town Yacht Club, VA, US

DogpatchYC.jpg (2327 bytes)

Dogpatch Yacht Club, HI, US

Dolphin Club, CA, US

Dolphin Yacht Club, MA, US

Dolphin Yacht Club, WA, US

Domino Yacht Club, NY, US

Door County Sail & Power Squadron, WI, US

Dorchester Yacht Club, MA, US

Dorchester Sailing Club

Dorchester Sailing Club, UK

Dos Rios Yacht Club, CA, US

Doublehanded Sailing Association, MI, US

Douglaston YS

Douglaston Yacht Squadron, NY, US

Dovey Yacht Club, UK

Down East Yacht Club, ME, US

Dragon Class Association

Draycote Water SC

Draycote Water Sailing Club, UK

Driftwood YC

Driftwood Yacht Club, CA, US

Drummoyne Sailing Club, AU

Dubai Offshore Sailing Club, United Arab Emirates

Dublin Bay Sailing Club, Ireland
Founded 1884

Duck Island Yacht Club, CT, US

Dudley Sailing Club

Dudley Sailing Club, UK

Duluth Power Squadron, MN, US

Dundalk Sail & Power Squadron, MD, US

Dunedin Boat Club, FL, US

Dunkirk Yacht Club, NY, US

DuPage Power Squadron, IL, US
file:///C:/DOCUME~1/Herb/LOCALS~1/Temp/burgee.jpg Durban Radio Boat Club, South Africa

Durham Sail & Power Squadron, NC, US

DusseldorfYC.gif (3867 bytes)

Dusseldorf Yacht Club, Germany

Duwamish Yacht Club, WA, US

Duxbury Yacht Club, MA, US
Established 1875

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