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International Burgee Registry

  Burgee Group F

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Fair Haven Yacht Club, NY, US

Fairfield Bay Yacht Club, AR, US
Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club, NC, US

Fairhope Yacht Club, AL, US

Fairwind Yacht Club, CA, US

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Flush Outboard Motors

Fairlie Yacht Club, UK 

Falmouth Yacht Club, MA, US


False Bay Yacht Club, South Africa


False Creek Yacht Club, BC, Canada

Family Yacht Club, WA, US

Fanshawe Yacht Club, ONT, Canada


Fareham Sailing and Motorboat Club, UK

Farragut Sportsmen's Association, NJ, US

Fayetteville Sail & Power Squadron, NC, US

Federazione Itialia Vela, Italy
Italian Sailing Federation

Fells Point Yacht Club, MD, US

Fernandina Beach Yacht Club, FL, US

Fidalgo Yacht Club, WA, US

Fidlers Ferry Sailing Club, UK

Fifty Point Yacht Club, ON, Canada

Filey Sailing Club

Filey Sailing Club, UK

First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry Yacht Club, PA, US

Fish Creek Yacht Club, WI, US

Fishers Island Yacht Club, CT, US
Founded 1886

FisherrowYC.gif (2445 bytes)

Fisherrow Yacht Club, UK

Fishing Bay Yacht Club, VA, US

Five Islands Yacht Club, ME, US

Five O'Clock Yacht Club

Flensburg Sailing Club, Germany


Flinders Yacht Club, Australia

Flint Power Squadron, MI, US

Florence Township Yacht Club, NJ, US

FloridaYCSA.gif (2459 bytes)

Florida Yacht Club, South Africa

FloridaYC.gif (8924 bytes)

Florida Yacht Club, FL, US

Florida Council Of Yacht Clubs, US

Flounder Bay Yacht Club, WA, US

Fly Creek Yacht Club, AL. US

Folsum Lake YC

Folsom Lake Yacht Club, CA, US

Fon du Lac

Fond du Lac Yacht Club, WI, US
Footloose Sailing Association, WA, US

Ford Yacht Club, MI, US

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Fordham University Sailing Club

Forked River Tuna Club, NJ, US

Forked River Yacht Club, NJ US

Fort Comfort Yacht Club, NY, US

Fort Lauderdale Power Squadron, FL, US

Fort Loudoun Yacht Club, TN, US

Fort Macon Sail & Power Squadron, NC, US

Fort Myers Power Squadron, FL, US

Fort Sutter Yacht Club, CA, US

Fort Vancouver Power Squadron, WA, US

Fort Walton Sail & Power Squadron, FL, US


Fort Walton Yacht Club, FL, US

FtWorthBC.gif (7870 bytes)

Fort Worth Boat Club, TX, US

Fort Worth Power Squadron, TX, US

ForthCorYC.gif (3718 bytes)

Forth Corinthian Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1880

Forth Cruising Club

Forth Cruising Club, UK

Forth YC Assoc

Forth Yacht Clubs Association, UK

Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club, WI, US

Four Seasons Yacht Club, OH, US

Four Winds Yacht Club, IL, US

Fourth Of July Yacht Club, CA, US

Fox Island Yacht Club, WA, US

Fox Valley Power Squadron, IL, US

Frampton on Severn Sailing Club, UK

Franklin County Boat Club, MA, US

Frankston Yacht Club, Australia

Fredericia Sejlklub, Denmark

Fredericton Yacht Club, NB, Canada

Free Spirit Adventure Club, HI, US

Freeport Yacht Club, NY, US

Fremantle Cruising Yacht Club, Australia

FreemantleSC.gif (1755 bytes)

Fremantle Sailing Club, Australia

FremontSC.gif (8210 bytes)

Fremont Sailing Club, CA, US

Frenchman'sBayYC.bmp (4258 bytes)

Frenchmans's Bay Yacht Club, Canada

FrenshamSC.jpg (7166 bytes)

Frensham Pond Sailing Club , UK

Fresno Yacht Club, CA, US

Friday Harbor Power Squadron, QA, US

Fullerton Yacht Club, CA, US

Front Range Island Owners, CO, US

Full Moon Sailing Society, MO, US

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