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Gainesville Sail & Power Squadron, FL, US

Galapagos Yacht Club, Ecuador

Galeb Sailing Club, Croatia

Galloway Yacht Club, MD, US

Galma Stans Yacht Sallskap, Sweden

Galveston Bay Power Squadron, TX, US

Galveston Yacht Club MS">, TX, US

Galway Bay Sailing Club, Ireland

Garden State Yacht Club, NJ, US

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Flush Outboard Motors

Garrison Yacht Club, NY, US

Garvies Point Boating Association, NY, US

Gatineau River YC

Gatineau River Yacht Club, Canada

Gavins Point Yacht Club, SD, US

Generic Yacht Club, USA
Flown by non yacht club members.

GeneseeYC.gif (3702 bytes)

Genesee Yacht Club,NY, US

Geneva Lake Keelboat Club, WI, US

Genkai Yacht Club, Japan

Georgetown Racing Fleet, MD, US

Georgetown Yacht Club, MD, US

Georgetown University Sailing Club, MD, US

Georgian Bay Sailing Assocation, Canada

Gibson Island Yacht Squadron, MD, US

Gig Harbor Yacht Club, WA, US

GigHarModelYC.gif (3755 bytes)

Gig Harbor Model Yacht Club, WA, US

Gig Harbor Star Class Yacht Racing Fleet, WA, US

Gilford Park Yacht Club, NJ, US

Girne Sailing Club, Cyprus

Girton Sailing Club, UK

Gladstone Yacht Club, MI, US

Glandore Harbour Yacht Club, Cork Ireland

Glasson Sailing Club, UK

Glen Cove Yacht Club, CA, US

Glen Cove Yacht Club, NY, US
Glenmar Sailing Association, MD, US

Glencoe Boat Club, UK

Glenelg Sailing Club, Australia
Established 1898 to 1998 now the
Adelaide Sailing Club

GlenmoreSC.gif (4782 bytes)

Glenmore Sailing Club, AB, Canada

Goat Island Yacht Club, RI, US

Gold Coast Sailing Club, Australia

GoldenGateYC.gif (10929 bytes)

Golden Gate Yacht Club, CA, US

Golden Isles Sailing Club, GA US

Goldsboro Sail & Power Squadron, NC, US
Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club,
Australia, Founded 1854

Goolwa Vintage Boat Club, S. Australia

Goose Harbor Yacht Club, MD, US

Gordon's Bay Yacht Club, S.Africa

Gosford Sailing Club, Australia

Gosport Cruising Club, UK

Gottinger Seglar Club, Germany

GoveYC.gif (15315 bytes)

Gove Boat Club, Australia

Grafham Water Sailing Club, UK

Grand Banks Yacht Club, WA, US

Grand Cove Yacht Club, MA, US

Grand Lake Sail & Power Squadron, OK, US

Grand Lake Yacht Club, CO, US

Grand Rapids Power Squadron, MI, US

Grand Rapids Yacht Club, MI, US

Grand River Sailing Club, OH, US

Grand Traverse Bay Power Squadron, MI, US

Grand Traverse Yacht Club, MI, US


Grande Maumelle Sailing Club, AR, US


Grandview Bay Yacht Club, NY, US

Grapevine Sailing Club, TX, US

Grays Harbor Yacht Club, WA, US

Great Blue Hill Sail & Power Squadron, MA, US

Great Cove Boat Club, ME, US

Great Harbor Yacht Club, CT, US

Great Island Yacht Club, MS, US

Great Kills Yacht Club, NY, US

Great Lakes Cruising Club, IL, US

Great Lakes Grand Banks Assoc, MI, US

Great Moor Sailing Club, UK

Great Oak Yacht Club, PA, US

GSaltLKYC.gif (519 bytes)

Great Salt Lake Yacht Club, UT, US, Founded 1877

Great South Bay Power Squadron, NY, US

Greater Atlantic City Yacht Club, NJ, US

Greater Cleveland Boating Association, OH, US

Greater Wildwood Yacht Club, NJ, US

GreeceYC.gif (2288 bytes)

Greece Yacht Club, Greece

Green Bay Yachting Club, WI, US

Green Lake Yacht Club, WI, US

GreenWyvernYC.jpg (5852 bytes)

Green Wyvern Yachting Club, UK
Founded 1949

Greenbrae Yacht Club, CA, US

Greenhaven Yacht Club, NY, US

Greensboro Power Squadron, NC, US

Greenville Power Squadron, SC, US

Greenwich Bay Power Squadron, RI, US

Greenwich Flying Squadron, Australia

Greers Ferry Lake Yacht Club, AR, US

Gresford Sailing Club, UK

Gross Ile Power Squadron, MI, US

GrosseIleYC.gif (3564 bytes)

Grosse Ile Yacht Club, MI, US

Grosse Pointe Power Squadron, MI, US

Grosse Pointe Sail Club, MI, US

Grosse Pointe Yacht Club, MI, US

Groton Long Point Yacht Club, CT, US

Gstaad Yacht Club, Switzerland

Guernsey Yacht Club, UK

Guilford Yacht Club, CT, US

Gulf Breeze Power Squadron, FL, US

Gulf Coast Sailing Club, FL, US

Gulf Harbors Yacht Club, FL, US

Gulf Harbour Yacht Club, New Zealand

Gulf of Maine Ocean Racing Association, US

Gulf To Coast Boating Club of Florida

GulfYA.gif (1563 bytes)

Gulf Yachting Association, US
Gulfport Yacht Club, FL, US

Gull Lake Yacht Club, MN, US

Gulf Yacht Club, BC, Canada

GulfportYCAnimation.gif (68263 bytes)

Gulfport Yacht Club, MS, US

Gulfstream Sailing Club, FL, US

Gurnard Sailing Club, UK

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