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Haarlemsche Jachtclub, The Netherlands

Pre Castro

Post Castro

Habana Yacht Club, Cuba
Founded 1886

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Hackensack Yacht Club, NJ, US

Hagerstown Power Squadron, MD, US

Haikou Sailing Club, PR China

Hakata Yacht Club, Japan

Halden Seilforening, Norway


Half Moon Bay Yacht Club, CA, US

Halfway Yacht Club

Halfway Yacht Club, UK

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Halifax River Yacht Club, FL, US
Founded 1896

Halifax Sailing Association, FL, US

Halifax Sailing Club, UK

Halifax Youth Sailing, FL. US

Halloween Yacht Club, CT, US

Hamburg Power Squadron, NY, US


Hamburger Segel Club, Germany

Hamble River Sailing Club, UK

Hamilton Bay Sailing Club, Ont Canaada

Hamilton Island Yacht Club, Australia

Hampton Roads Fleet 30, VA, US

Hampton Roads Power Squadron, VA, US

Hampton Sailing Club, UK


Hampton Yacht Club, VA, US


Hanalei Yacht Club, HI, US
Hanalei Bay Yacht Club, HI, US

Hances Point Yacht Club, MD, US

Hancock Yacht Club, NC, US

Hanko Yacht Club, Norway

Hannoverscher Yacht club, Germany

Happy Hour Yacht Club, NJ, US


Harbor Island Yacht Club, TN, US

Harbor Lite Yacht Club, WI, US
Founded 1964

Harbor Light Yacht Club, PA, US

Harbor Station Yacht Club, VA, US

Harbor View Yacht Club, OH, US

Harbor View Yacht Club, CT, US

Harbour Island Yacht Club, CA, US

Harbour Isle Yacht Club, FL, US


Harbour North Yacht Club, MD, US

Harbour Town Yacht Club, MI, US
Harbour Village Yacht Club, NC, US

HardwaySC.gif (4924 bytes)

Hardway Sailing Club, UK


Harlan Yacht Club, NE, US


Harlem Yacht Club, NY, US
Founded 1883

Harraseeket Yacht Club, ME, US

Harris Chain Power Squadron, FL, US

Harris Marina, Lake Chelan, WA, US

Hartford Power Squadron, CT, US
Hartley TS18-21 Yacht Club, AU

Harvard Yacht Club, MA, US

Harvey's Lake Yacht Club, PA, US

Hastings & Leonards Sailing Club, UK

Hastings Yacht Club, Australia

Hat Island Yacht Club, WA, US

Haugesund Seilforening, Norway

Haven Ports Yacht Club, UK

Haven Yacht Club, MD, US

Havre de Grace Yacht Club, MD, US

Hawaii Women's Yacht Racing Association, HI, US

HawaiiYC.gif (2171 bytes)

Hawaii Yacht Club, HI, US

Hawaii Yacht Racing Association, HI, US

Hawaii Youth Sailing Association, HI, US

Hawkestone Yacht Club, ON, Canada
Hayama Marina Yacht Club, Japan


Hayden Island Yacht Club, OR, US

HaylingIslSC.gif (2431 bytes)

Hayling Island Sailing Club, UK

Head of the Bay Club, NY, US

Healdsburg Yacht Club, CA US

Heart of England Offshore Cruising Association, UK

Hebe Haven Yacht Club, Hong Kong, China.

Helensburgh Sailing Club, UK

Helford River Sailing Club, UK

HellenicORC.gif (2510 bytes)

Hellenic Offshore Racing Club, Greece


Hellerup Sejlklub, Denmark

HelsingforsSK.gif (2826 bytes)

Helsingfors Segelklubb, Finland

HelsinginTP.gif (4825 bytes)

Helsingin Tyovaen Purseseura ry, Finland

HelsingorAmatorYC.gif (4879 bytes)

Helsingor Amator Sejlklub, Denmark

Hemingway International Yacht Club of Cuba, Cuba

Hempstead Bay Power Squadron, NY, US


Hempstead Harbour Club, NY, US
Founded 1891

Henderson Harbor Yacht Club, NY, US

Henley Sailing Club, UK
Founded 1896

Herald Island Boat Club, New Zealand

Heritage Harbor Yacht Club, IL, US

Herne Bay Sailing Club, UK

Herring Island Sailing Fleet MD, US


Herrington Harbour Sailing Association, US

Herrington Lake Yacht Club, KY, US

Hewlett Point Yacht Club, NY, US

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