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Hiawatha Valley Sail & Power Squadron, MN, US


Hickling Broad Sailing Club, UK


Hidden Harbor Yacht Club, WA, US

Hidden Port Yacht Club, Mexico

Higgins Lake BC

Higgins Lake Boat Club, MI, US


High Rock Yacht Club, NC, US
Hill Country Yacht Cluntry, TX, US

Hill Head Sailing Club, UK

Hillarys Yacht Club, Australia

Hillsboro Inlet Sailing Club, FL, US

Hilo Yacht Club, HI, US

Hilton Head Sail & Power Squadron, SC, US

Hilton Head Yacht Club, SC, US

Himley Hall Sailing Club, UK

Hingham Yacht Club, MA, US
Founded 1895

Hobcaw Yacht Club, SC, USA

Hobe Sound Yacht Club, FL, US

Hobson'sBayYC.gif (16679 bytes)

Hobson's Bay Yacht Club, Australia
Founded, 1888

Hollingworth Lake Sailing Club, UK

Hollowell Sailing Club, UK
Holy Cross College Sailing, MA, US
Hollywood Power Squadron, FL, US

Hollywood Yacht Club, CA, US

Holmer Segelverein Schleswig e.V.

Homestead Power Squadron, FL, US

Hong Kong Challenge, England, UK

Hong Kong Sea Cadets, China

Honolulu Power Squadron, HI, US

Saltwater Flushing Bags
Flush Outboard Motors

Hood River Yacht Club, OR, US

Hoofers Sailing Club, University of Wisconsin, WI, US

Hoosier Power Squadron, IN, US

Hoover Sailing Club, OH, US

Hope Town Sailing Club, Bahamas

Hornblach Yacht Club, Denmark

Hornet Sailing Club, UK

Horseshoe Harbor Yacht Club, NY, US
Founded 1888

Hostellers Sailing Club, UK

Housatonic River Power Squadron, CT, US

Houston Sail and Power Squadron, TX, US

Houston Yacht Club, TX, US
Established 1897

Hoover Sailing Club, OH, US

Hoveringham Sailing Club, UK

Howard Beach Motor Boat Club, NY, US

Howick Sailing Club, New Zealand

Howth Boating Club, Ireland

Howth Yacht Club, Ireland

Hrvatski Jedrilicarski Klub Mornar, Croatia

Hudson Cove Yacht Club, NY, US

Hudson River Ice Yacht Club, NY, US
Established 1885

Hudson Yacht Club, QC, Canada

Huguenot Yacht Club, NY, US
Founded 1894

Hull Yacht Club, MA, US

Humacao Power Squadron, PR, US
Picture Humber Bay Sailing Center, NT, Canada

Humber Bay Yacht Club, NT, Canada

Humber Yawl Club, UK
Founded 1883

Humber Mouth Yacht Club, UK

Humbodlt Yacht Club, CA, US

Hunter Outer Banks Sailing Association, NC, US

Hunter Sailing Association, VA, US

Hunterdon Sailing Club, NJ, US

Hunters Hill Sailing Club, Australia

Huntington Yacht Club, NY, US

Huntington Harbour Yacht Club, CA, US

Hunts Sailing Club, UK

Huntsville Sail and Power Squadron, AL, US

Hurlingham Yacht Club, England, UK
Founded 1922

Huron Yacht Club, OH, US

Hurricane Gulch Yacht Club, CA, US

Hurricane Harbor Yacht Club

Hyannis Port Yacht Club, MA, US

Hyannis Yacht Club, MA, US

Hythe & Saltwood Sailing Club, UK

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