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Ida Lewis Yacht Club, RI, US

Ilfracombe Yacht Club, UK

Illiana Power Squadron, IN, US
Illiana Yacht Club, IN, US

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Illinois Valley Sail and Power Squadron, IL, US

Illinois Valley Yacht & Canoe Club, IL, US

Imperial Gozo Yacht Club, Malta

Imperial Yacht Club of San Francisco, CA US

Indian Creek Yacht Club, VA, US

Indian Harbor Yacht Club, CT, US
Founded 1889

Indian Lake Yacht Club, OH, US

Indian Landing Boat Club, MD, US

Indian Neck Yacht Club, CT, US

Indian River Yacht Club, DE, US

Saltwater Flushing Bags
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Indian River YC

Indian River Yacht Club, FL, US

Indianapolis Sailing Club, IN, US

Indianapolis Yacht Club, IN, US


Inland Lake Yachting Association, US

Inland Sea Yacht Club, Japan

Inner Harbor Yacht Club, NY, US

Inter City Yacht Club, OH, US

Inter Services Yacht Club, Cyprus

Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association of North America, VA, US

Inter-Lake Yachting Association, US
Founded 1885

International Association of Shrine Yacht Clubs, US

International Hemingway Club Nautico, Cuba

International Nonsuch Association


International Order of the Blue Gavel

International Yacht Club

Internt'l Y.C. de Pampelonne St. Tropez, France

Inverness Yacht Club, CA, US
Founded 1912

Imperial Catharine Yacht Club, UK

Iowa City Boat Club, IA, US

Irish Cruising Club, Ireland

Irish Hills Power Squadron, MI, US

Irish National Sailing Club, Ireland

Iron Mountain Yacht Club, AR, US

Iroquois Lagoon Yacht Club, HI

Iroquois Power Squadron, NY, US

Isla Del Sol Yacht Club, FL, US

Islam Shrine Yacht Club, CA, US


Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club, UK


Island Boat Club, NY, US


Island Heights Yacht Club, NJ, US

Island Sailing Club, UK

Island West Yacht Club, OH, US

IslandYCCA.gif (3681 bytes)

Island Yacht Club, CA, US

IslandYC.gif (15080 bytes)

Island Yacht Club, NY, US

IslandYC3.gif (398 bytes)

Island Yacht Club of Toronto, Canada

Islamorada Fishing Club, FL, US

Isle of Sheppey Sailing Club, UK

IslesYC.gif (8469 bytes)

Isles Yacht Club, FL, US

Istanbul Sailing Club, Turkey

Italiano Yacht Club, Italy
Founded 1879

Itchenor Sailing Club, UK

Ithaca Sail and Power Squadron, NY, US

IthicaYC.gif (8754 bytes)

Ithaca Yacht Club, NY, US

Iverkip Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1880

Jacana Yacht Club, Zimbabwe

Jacks Creek Yacht Club, PA, US

Jackson Park Yacht Club, IL, US,
Founded 1896

Jackson Sail & Power Squadron

Jackson Yacht Club

Jackson Yacht Club, MS, US

Jacksonville Sail & Power Squadron, FL, US

Jacomo Cruiser Fleet, MO, US

Jacomo Sailing Club, MO, US

James Island Yacht Club, SC, US
James Madison University Rowing, VA, US

Jamestown Yacht Club, RI, US

Jantzen Beach YC

Jantzen Beach Yacht Club, OR, US

Japan Motor Boat Club

Japan Ocean Cruising Club, Japan

NipponORC.gif (616 bytes)

Japan Ocean Racing Club, Japan

Japan Sailing Federation, Japan

Japan Yachting Association

Jeanneau-Owners, UK

Jebel Ali Sailing Club, United Arab Emirates

Jedrilicarski Klub Galeb, Croatia

Jedrilicarski Klub Labud, Croatia

Jedrilicarski Klub Opatija, Croatia
Jedrilicarski Klub Rijek, Croatia

Jedrilicarski Klub Sveti Nikola, Croatia

Jedrilicarski Klub Uskok, Croatia

Jefferson Yacht Club, MI, US

Jeffries Yacht Club, MA, US

JoersfelderSC.gif (1299 bytes)

Joersfelder Segel-Club, Germany

Johnson City Sail and Power Squadron, TN, US

Johnson Lake Yacht Club, NE, US

Johnson & Wales University Sailing Team, RI, US

Jolleseglarna Karlstads Kanotforening, Sweden

Jolly Roger Sailing Club, OH, US

Jonathan Yacht Club, CA, US
Founded 1894

Jordan's Point Yacht Club, VA, US

Jubilee Yacht Club, MA, US
Founded 1896


Juneau Sailing Club, AK, US
Merged with Juneau Yacht Club, 2001

Juneau Yacht Club, AK, US

Junior Offshore Group, UK

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