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Kalamazoo Power Squadron, MI, US

Kaneohe Yacht Club, HI, US

Kankakee Valley Sail & Power Squadron, IL, US

Kansai Yacht Club, Japan 

Kapiti Boating Club, New Zealand

Keego Yacht Club, MI

Keauhou-Kona Yacht Club, HI, US

Kelowna Yacht Club, BC, Canada

Kena Temple Yacht Club, VA, US

Kenai Fjords

Kenai Fjords Yacht Club, AK, US

Kennebecasis Power Squadron, Canada

Kennersley Yacht Club, MD, US

Kenosha Yacht Club, WI, US

Kent Island Yacht Club, MD, US

Kent Narrows Power Squadron, MD, US
Kentucky Lake Sailing Club, KY, US

Keokuk Yacht Club, IA, US

Keowee Sailing Club, SC, US

Keppel Bay Sailing Club, Australia

Ketchikan Yacht Club, AK, US

Ketewomoke Yacht Club, NY, US

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Key Biscayne Yacht Club, FL, US

Key Largo Anglers Club, FL, US

Key West Power Squadron, FL, US

Key West Yacht Club, FL, US

Key Yacht Club, MD, US

Keyport Yacht Club, NJ, US

Keystone Yacht Club, NY, US

KielerYC.gif (1517 bytes)

Kieler Yacht Club, Germany


Kielder Water Sailing Club, UK

Kielder Yacht Club, UK

Killyleagh Yacht Club, UK

Kingharbor.gif (2882 bytes)

King Harbor Yacht Club,  CA, US

Kingdom Yachts Sailing Club, GA, US

Kinghorn Sailing Club

Kinghorn Sailing Club, UK

Kingman Yacht Club, MA, US
Comming Soon Kings Ferry Boat Club, UK

Kings Ferry Yacht Club, NY, US

Kings Point US Merchant Marine Academy, NY, US

Kingsbury Yacht Club, IL, US

Kingsley Lake Yacht Club, FL, US

Kingsmill Yacht Club, VA, US

KingstonBchSC.gif (13382 bytes)

Kingston Beach Sailing Club, Australia

Kingston Cove Yacht Club, WA, US


Kingston Yacht Club, ON, Canada
Founded 1896

Kingston University Sailing Club, UK

Kingsway Power Squadron, NJ, US


Kinsale Yacht Club, Ireland

Saltwater Flushing Bags
Flush Outboard Motors

Kip Cruising Club, Scotland

Kitsilano Yacht Club, BC, Canada

Kittery Point Yacht Club, NH, US
Kinzua Power SQuadron, NY, US

KjovbenhavnsAYC.gif (1267 bytes)

Kjobenhavns Amator Yacht Club, Denmark

Klamath Yacht Club, OR, US


Knickerbocker Yacht Club, NY, US
Founded 1874 Defunct 2009

Knoxville Power Squadron, TN, US

KnysnaYC.gif (10917 bytes)

Knysna Yacht Club, South Africa
Kohala Mountain Yacht Club, HI, US

Kohimarama Yacht Club, NZ

Kollegewiedgwok Yacht Club, ME, USA

Kona Kai International Yacht Club, CA, US

Koninklijke Liberty Yacht Club, Belgium

Konokti Bay Sailing Club, CA, US

Konstanzer Yacht Club, Germany

Korean Yachting Association, Korea

Korthi Nautical Club, Greece
Kuala Belait Boat Club, Brunei

Kupreanof Yacht Club, AK, US

Kuring-Gai Motor Yacht Club, Australia

Kurnell Catamaran Club, Australia

Kuwait Offshore Sailing Association, Kuwait

Kyrenia Nautical Club, Cyprus

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