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La Ballona Valley Boat Club, CA, US

La Conner Yacht Club, WA, US

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La Mariana Sailing Club, HI US

La Salle Mariner's Yacht Club, ON, Canada  

La Salle Yacht Club, NY, US


Lac Deschenes Sailing Club, Canada

Lac Court Oreilles Sailing Club, MN, US

LaBelle Yacht Club, WI, US

LabudSplit SC

Labud Sailing Club, Croatia

Lackawanna Power Squadron, NJ, US


Ladysmith Yacht Club, Canada

Lafayette Sailing Club, IN, US

Lagoon City Yacht Club, Ont, Canada

Lagoon View Yacht Club, NJ, US

Lagos Yacht Club, Nigeria

Lahaina Yacht Club, HI, US

Lake Arthur Yacht Club, LA, US

Lake Arrowhead Yacht Club, CA, US

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Lake Belton Yacht Club, TX, US


Lake Beresford Yacht Club, FL, US

Lake Beulah Yacht Club, WI, US,
Founded 1893

Lake Candlewood Power Squadron, CT, US

Lake Cavanaugh Yacht Club, WA, US

Lake Champlain Yacht Club

Lake Champlain Yacht Club, VT, US
Founded 1887

Lake Charles Power Squadron, LA, US

Lake Charles Yacht Club, LA, US

Lake County Yacht Club, OH, US

Lake Davenport Sailing Club, IA, US

Lake Delta Yacht Club, NY, US

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Lake Deneys Yacht Club, South Africa
Lake Diefenbaker Yacht Club, SAS, Canada

Lake Dillon Yacht Club, CO, US

Lake Eustis Sailing Club, FL, US

Lake Geneva Yacht Club, WI, US
Established 1874

Lake George Power Squadron, NY, US


Lake George Corinthian Yacht Club, NY, US

Lake Gregory Yacht Club, CA, US


Lake Guntersville Sailing Club, AL,   US

Lake Guntersville Yacht Club, AL, US

Lake Harriet Yacht Club, MN, US

Lake Havasu Yacht Club, AZ, US

Lake Hopatcong Sail & Power Squadron, NJ, US

Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club, NJ, US

Lake Huron Yachting Association, US

Lake Lanier Sailing Club

Lake Lanier Sailing Club, GA, US

Lake Macquarie Yacht Club, Australia

Lake Mead Sailing Club, NV, US

Lake Michigan Catalina Association, US

Lake Michigan Sailing Club, MI, US

Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation, MI, US

Lake Mirage Yacht Club, CA US

Lake Mission Viejo Yacht Club, CA, US

Lake Monona Sailing Club, WI, US

Lake Murray Power Squadron, SC, US

Lake Murray

Lake Murray Sailing Club, SC, US

Lake Murray Yacht Racing Association, SC, US

Lake Norman Sail & Power Squadron, NC, US

Lake Norman Sailing Club, NC, US

Lake Norman Yacht Club, NC, US

Lake Of The Woods Sailing Club, VA, US

Lake Ontario Hunter Sailing Association, NY, US
Lake Ossawinnamakee Yacht Club, MN, US
Lake Oswego Canoe Club, OR, US

Lake Pend Oreille Yacht Club, ID, US

Lake Pleasant Sailing Club

Lake Pleasant Sailing Club, AZ, US

Lake Pontchartrain Sail & Power Squadron, LA, US

Lake Sammamish Yacht Club, WA

Lake Shore Sail Club, MI, US

Lake St Louis Cruising Club, CA
Lake Saint Louis Sailing Club, MO, US
Lake Stockton Yacht Club, MO, US

Lake Sunapee Yacht Club, NH, US

Lake Townsend Yacht Club, NC, US

LakeTahoeYC.gif (3722 bytes)

Lake Tahoe Windjammers Yacht Club, NV, US

Lake Union Yacht Club, WA, US

Lake Waconia Yacht Club, MN, US

Lake Washington Sailing Club, CA, US

Lake Whatcom Motorboat Club, WA, US
Lake Worth Sailing Club, FL, US

Lake Worth Sailing Club, TX, US

LYRA.gif (2244 bytes)

Lake Yacht Racing Association, US & Canada

Lake Yosemite Sailing Association, CA, US

Lakeland Sail & Power Squadron, FL, US

Lakeport Yacht Club, CA, US

Lakes Region Power Squadron, NH, US

Lakeshore Yacht Club of Chattanooga, TN, US

Lakeside Yacht Club, OH, US

LakewoodYC.gif (10429 bytes)

Lakewood Yacht Club, TX, US

Lahaina Yacht Club, HI, US

Lancaster Power Squadron, PA, US

Land of Lincoln Power Squadron, IL, US

Landmark YC

Landmark Yacht Club, VA, US

Langley Yacht Club, VA, US

Lansing Power Squadron, MI, US

LangstoneSC.gif (1607 bytes)

Langstone Sailing Club, UK

RealCNdeLaredo.gif (889 bytes)

Larado Real Club Nautico, Spain

Larchmont Yacht Club, NY, US

Largo Bay SC

Largo Bay Sailing Club, UK

Largs Bay Sailing Club, South Australia

Las Vegas Power Squadron, NV, US

Lauderdale Isles Yacht Club, FL, US
Founded 1953

Lauderdale Yacht Club, FL, US

Laurelton Yacht Club, NJ, US

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Lavallette Yacht Club, NJ, US
Founded 1904

LavrionYRC.gif (2511 bytes)

Lavrion Yacht Racing Club, Greece

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