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Le Yacht Club de Lachine, France

Leatherlips Yacht Club, OH, US

Lee on the Solent SC

Lee on the Solent Sailing Club, UK,
Founded 1908

Leesburg Boating Club FL, US

Leeward Yacht Club, Bahamas

Lefroy Yacht Club, ONT, Canada

Legend Yacht Club, NY, US

Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club, UK


Lennox Passage Yacht Club, NS, Canada

Leprechaun Yacht Club, CA ,US


Lerwick Boating Club, UK
Founded 1880

Lewes Yacht Club, DE, US

Liberty Harbor Power Squadron, NJ, US


Liberty Sailing Club, NJ, US

Liberty Yacht Club, NJ, USA


Libra Yacht Club Chiemsee e.V., Switzerland

LidoIslYC.gif (3650 bytes)

Lido Isle Yacht Club, CA, US

Lighthouse Point Yacht Club, NJ, US

Lima Power Squadron, OH, US

Limerick Sailing Club, Ireland

Lincoln Harbor Yacht Club, NJ, US

LinhamnsSS.gif (2109 bytes)

Linhamns Segel Sallskap, Sweden

Linhamns Yacht Club, Sweden

Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club, NJ, US

Little Palm Boat Club, US

Little Rock Sail &  Power Squadron, AR, US

Little Ship Club, AU


Little Ship Club, UK

LittleShipFYC.gif (4485 bytes)

Little Ships Fleet, CA, US

Littleton Sailing Club, UK

Liverpool Sailing Club, UK

Liverpool Yacht Club, UK

Llandegfedd Sailing Club, UK

Llandudno Sailing Club, UK

Lloyd harbor Yacht Club, NY, US

Loch Ard Sailing Club, UK

Loch Lomond Yacht Club, CA, US

Loch Sport Boat Club, Australia

Lockport Power Squadron, NY, US

Locks Sailing Club, UK

Locust Point Yacht Club, NY, US

London Corinthian Sailing Club, UK
Founded 1894

Long Bay Power Squadron, SC, US

Long Beach Power Squadron CA, IS

Long Beach Single Sailors Association, CA, US

Long Beach Yacht Club, CA, US

Long Branch Ice Boat & Yacht Club, NJ, US

Long Cove Yacht Club, SC, US

Long Island Yacht Club, NY, US

Long Lake Yacht Club, IL, US

Long Valley Power Squadron, NJ, US

Longview Yacht Club, WA, US

Lord Calvert Yacht Club, MD, US

Lord Reading Yacht Club, Canada

Lorian Yacht Club, OH, US

Los Angeles Yacht Club, CA, US

Los Gatos Yacht Club, CA, US

Lossiemouth Cruising Club, UK

Lough Derg Yacht Club, Ireland
Founded 1835

Saltwater Flushing Bags
Flush Outboard Motors

Lough Neagh Sailing Club, UK
Founded 1877

Lough Ree Yacht Club, Ireland
Founded 1770

Louisville Power Squadron, KY, US

Louisville Sailing Club, KY, US

Lower Columbia Power Squadron, OR, US

Lower Halstow Yacht Club, England

Lower Rio Grande Valley Power Squadron, TX, US

Lubecker Yacht Club, Grmany

Lunenburg Yacht Club, Canada

Lulu Temple Yacht Club, PA, US

Luskin Point Yacht Club, FL, US

Lydney Yacht Club, UK

Lynn Creek Yacht Club, TX, US

Lynn Yacht Club, MA, US
Founded 1870

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