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M & M Yacht Club, MI, US


Maastrichtse Strudenten Zeilverenining Lagakan, Germany


Macassa Bay Yacht Club, ON, Canada

Saltwater Flushing Bags
Flush Outboard Motors

Macatawa Bay Yacht Club, MI, US
Founded 1899

Mackinac Island Yacht Club, MI, US

Madeline Island Yacht Club, WI, US

Madison Beach Club, CT, US

Madison Power Squadron WI, US

Madoc Yacht Club, NW, UK


Magothy River Sailing Association, US

Main Line Power Squadron, PA, US

Maine Maritime Academy Yacht Club, MA, US

Makani Kai Yacht Club, HI, US

Mala Boat Club, HI, US

Malahide Yacht Club, Ireland

Malba Field & Marine Club, NY, US


Malibu Yacht Club, CA, US


Malletts Bay Boat Club, VT, US

Malmo Segel Sallskap, Sweden

Malta Sailing Federation, Malta

Mana Cruising Club, Wellington NZ

Manasquan River Yacht Club, NJ, US

Manatee Sail & Power Squadron, FL, US

Manchester Power Squadron, CT, US

Manchester Cruising Association, UK

Manchester Yacht Club, MA, US

Manhasset Bay Yacht Club, NY, US
Founded 1892

Manhattan Yacht Club, NY, US


Manila Yacht Club, Philippines

Manitowoc Yacht Club, WI, US

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Manly Yacht Club, Australia

Mansfield Power Squadron, OH, US

Mansfield Sailing Club, OH, US

Mansion House Yacht Club, VA, US

Mantoloking Yacht Club, NJ, US

Manukau Yacht & Motor Boat Club, NZ, Founded 1891

MapleBay2.gif (5046 bytes)

Maple Bay Yacht Club, Canada


Maraetai Beach Boat Club, New Zealand

Marathon SC

Marathon-Segelclub Burghausen e.V., Germany

Marathon Sail & Power Squadron, FL, US

Marathon Yacht Club, FL, US

Marblehead Sail & Power Squadron, MA, US

Marblehead Yacht Club, MA, US
Founder 1878

Marchwood Yacht Club, UK

Marco Island Yacht Club, FL, US

Margate City Yacht Club, NJ, US

Mariana Yacht Club, Guam

Marin Power Squadron, CA, US

Marin Yacht Club, CA, US

Marina Bay Yacht Club, AL, US

Marina Bay Yacht Club, CA, US

Marina Point Yacht Club, FL, US

Marina Venice Yacht Club, CA, US

Marina Yacht Club Long Beach, CA US
Marine City Yacht Club, OH, US

Marine Trawler Owners Association

Mariner Owners Association

Mariner's Cay Yacht Club, SC, US

Mariner's Harbor Yacht Club, NY, US

Marinoa Marina, Japan

Mariposa Hunters Point Yacht Club, CA, US

Marla Bay, NV, US

Marlboro Yacht Club, NY, US

Marley Boat Club, MD, US

Marquette University Sailing Club, MI, US

Marquette Yacht Club, MI, US

Marsh Creek Sailing Club, PA, US

Marsh Harbour Marine & Yacht Club, Bahamas

Marshall Islands Yacht Club

Marshfield Yacht Club, MA, US

Martinez Yacht Club, CA US

Martini Yacht Club, US

MarylandCC.gif (39411 bytes)

Maryland Cruising Club, MD, US

Maryland Model Yacht Club, MD, US

MarylandYC.gif (7556 bytes)

Maryland Yacht Club, MD, US

Mashpee Yacht Club, MA, US

Mason's Island Yacht Club, CT, US

Mason Sailboat Owners

Massachusetts Boating & Yacht Clubs Association, US

Massapoag Yacht Club, MA, US

Master Mariners Benevolent Association, CA, US

Masthead Cove Yacht Club, NY, US

Mastic Beach Yacht Club, NY, US

MathewsYC.gif (1160 bytes)

Mathews Yacht Club, VA, US

Mattapoisett Power Squadron, MA, US

MattapoisettYC.gif (1489 bytes)

Mattapoisett Yacht Club, MA, US

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Mattituck Yacht Club, NY, US

Maui Boat & Yacht Club, HI, US

Maumee River Yacht Club, OH, US

Maylands Yacht Club, Australia

Mayo Sailing Club Ireland

Mayfield Yacht Club, NY, YS

Maxinkuckee Yacht Club, IN, US

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