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Mobile Sail & Power Squadron, AL, US

Mobile Yacht Club, AL, US

Mobjack Bay Power Squadron, VA, US

Mohawk Hudson Power Squadron

Molelumne Yacht Club, CA, US

Mol Hungaria, Hungary


Molokai Yacht Club, HI, US

Mombasa Yacht Club, Kenya


Monar Split Sailing Club, Croatia


Monmouth Boat Club, NJ, US
Founded 1879

Monroe Boat Club, MI, US

Monster Island Yacht Club, MD, US

Montauk Yacht Club, NY, US

[Monte Real Club de Yates

Monte Real Yacht Club, Spain

Montego Bay Yacht Club, Jamaica

Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club, CA, US

Moody Owners Association, UK

Saltwater Flushing Bags
Flush Outboard Motors

Mooloolaba Yacht Club, Australia

Mooney Yacht Club, FL, US

Moorings Yacht Club, FL, US

Moosehead Lake Yacht Club, ME, US

Moraine Sailing Club, PA, US

Morecambe and Heysham Yacht Club, UK

Morehead City Boating Club, NC, US

Moriches Yacht Club, NY, US

MorningtonYC.gif (5823 bytes)

Mornington Yacht Club, Australia

Morris Yacht and Beach Club, NY, US
Founded 1899

Morrows Point Boat & Yacht Club, Ireland

Morro Bay Yacht Club, CA, US

MosselBayYC.gif (4603 bytes)

Mossel Bay Yacht and Boat Club, South Africa

Motor Yacht Club Basel, Germany

Motorcoach Country Club Yacht Club. CA. US

Mount Clemens Power Squadron, MI, US

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Mount Dora Yacht Club, FL, US

MntSinai SA.gif (2043 bytes)

Mount Sinai Sailing Association, NY, US

Mount Sinai Yacht Club, NY, US

Mount Vernon Yacht Club, VA, US

Mountaineer Power Squadron, WV, US

Mounts BayYC.gif (7813 bytes)

Mounts Bay Sailing Club, Australia

Mounts Bay Sailing Club, UK

Mukilteo Yacht Club, WA, US

Multihull Yacht Club of Queensland, Australia

Multihull Yacht Club, Victoria, Australia

Multnomah Channel Yacht Club, OR, US

Mumbles Yacht Club, UK

Munchner Yacht Club, Germany

Muritai Yacht Club, NZ

MurtenSC.jpg (3018 bytes)

Murten Segel Club, Switzerland

Muscle Shoals Sailing Club, AL, US

Music City Power Squadron, TN, US

Muskegon Power Squadron, MI, US

Muskegon Yacht Club, MI, US


Myrtle Beach Yacht Club, SC, US

Mystic River Mudhead Sailing Association, CT, US

Mystic River Yacht Club, CT, US

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