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McCrae Yacht Club, Australia

Medford Boat Club, OR, US

Mediterranean Yacht Club

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Medley Sailing Club, UK

Medway Cruising Club, UK

McCrae Yacht Club, Australia

Medford Boat Club, OR, US

Mediterranean Yacht Club


Medley Sailing Club, UK

Medway Cruising Club, UK


Medway Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1880

Meersburg Yacht Club, Germany
Melbourne Yacht Club, FL, US

Memphis Sail & Power Squadron, YN, US

Memphis Yacht Club, TN, US
Menashe Dock Association, WI

Menauhant Yacht Club, MA, US

Memphremagog Yacht Club MC, Canada

Mendota Yacht Club, WI, US


Mengeham Rythe Sailing Club, UK

Menno Haven Model Yacht Club, PA, US

Menominee Marinette Power Squadron, WI, US

Mentor Harbor Yachting Club, OH, US

Mentor Lagoons Yacht Club, OH, US

Mercury Bay Boat Club, New Zealand

Mere Point Yacht Club, ME, US

Merioneth Yacht Club, UK

Merrimac River Sail & Power Squadron, MA, US

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Club Logo

Merthyr Tydfil Sailing Club, UK

Metedeconk River Yacht Club, NJ, US

Metropolitin Area Association of Dinghy Sailors

Metropolitan Yacht Club, CA, US

Metropolitan Yacht Club, MA, US

Meydenbauer Bay Yacht Club, WA, US

Miami Power Squadron, FL. US

Miami Beach Power Squadron, FL, US

Miami University Sailing Club, OH, US

MiamiYC.gif (20016 bytes)

Miami Yacht Club, FL, US

Michigan City Power Squadron, IN, US

Michigan City Yacht Club, IN, US

Michigan State University Sailing Club, MI, US

Michigan University Sailing Team, MI, US

Mid Coast Sail & Power Squadron, ME, US

Mid Hudson Power Squadron, NY, US

Mid Illini Power Squadron, IL, US

Mid Ohio Valley Power Squadron, OH, US

Mid Potomac Power Squadron, VA, US

Middle Bass Island Yacht Club, OH, US

MiddleHarborYC.gif (1512 bytes)

Middle Harbour Yacht Club, Australia

Middle River Yacht Club, MD, US

Middleboro Yacht Club, MI, US

Middletown Power Squadron, CT, US

Middletown Yacht Club, CT, US

Midland Bay Sailing Club, ON, Canada

Midland Sailing Club, UK


Mikkeli Yacht Club, Finland

Miles River Sail & Power Squadron, MD, US

Miles River Yacht Club, MD, US

Milford Cruising Club, New Zealand

Milford Power Squadron, CT, US

Mill Creek Yacht & Polo Club, WA, US
Mill Harbor Yacht Club, ID, US


Milltown Sailing Association, US

MAC burgee

Milnerton Aquatic Club, South Africa

Milwaukee Power Squadron, WI, US

MilwaukeeYC.gif (3542 bytes)

Milwaukee Yacht Club, WI, US
Established 1870

MimicoCC.gif (343 bytes)

Mimico Cruising Club, ON, Canada

Minnetonka Power Squadron, MN, US

Minnetonka Yacht Club, MN, US
Founded 1883

Minute Man Power Squadron, MA, US

Miramar Yacht Club, NY, US

 Miss-Croix Yacht Club, MN, US

Mission Bay Yacht Club, CA, US

Mississippi Coast Power Squadron, MS, US

Mississippi Coast Yachting Association MS, US

Mississauga Sailing Club, Canada

Missouri Yacht Club, MO, US

Miyagawa Yacht Club, Japan

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