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TaalLakeYC.gif (2211 bytes) Taal Lake Yacht Club, Philippine

Table Bay Yacht Club, South Africa

Tabor Academy Sailing Club, ME, US

Tacoma Power Squadron, WA, US

Tacoma Yacht Club, WA, US,
Established 1889

Tahoe Sierra Yacht Club, CA US

Tahoe Yacht Club, CA, US 

Tajiri Yacht Club, Osaka, Japan

Taka-Punh Boating Club, New Zealand

Tamalpais Yacht Club, CA US

Tamaqua Yacht Club, NY, USA
closed about 1920

Tamar Yacht Club, Tasmania, AU


Tamesis Club, UK

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Tamaqua Yacht Club, NY, USA

Tammany Yacht Club, LA
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, FL, US

Tampa Bay Yacht Club, FL, US

Tampa Power Squadron FL, US

TampaY&CC.gif (8909 bytes)

Tampa Yacht & Country Club, FL, US

Tannowa Yacht Club, Japan

Tappan Zee Sail & Power Squadron, NY, US

Tar River Power Squadron, NC, US

TarponSpYC.gif (10681 bytes)

Tarpon Springs Yacht Club, US

Tarratine Yacht Club, ME, US

Tarrytown Boat Club, NY, US

Taunton River Power Squadron, MA, US

Taupo Yacht Club, New Zealand

Tauranga Yacht & Power-Boat Club, New Zealand

Tawas Bay Yacht Club, MI, US

Tayjet Personal Water Craft, Scotland

Tayvallich Sailing Club, UK

Tbilisi Sailing Club, Georgia

Ten Mile Power Squadron, PA, US

Tenby Sailing Club, UK

TenerifeRCN.gif (4781 bytes)

Tenerife, Real Club Nautico de, Spain

TNYC.gif (9158 bytes)

Terra Nova Yacht Club, Newfoundland, Canada

Texas Corinthian Yacht Club, TX, US

Texas Mariners Cruising Association, TX, US

Texas Sailing Association, TX, US

Texas Yacht Club, TX, US
Texoma Sailing Club, TX, US

Thalwil Segler Vereingung, Switzerland

Thames Estuary Yacht Club, UK

Thames Marine Rescue Service, UK

Thames Motor Yacht Club, UK

Thames River Yacht Club, ONT Canada

Thames Sailing Club, UK
Founded 1870

Thames Yacht Club, CT, US

The Field Yacht Club, FL, US
The Yacht Club at Channel Islands, CA, US

The Yacht Station

Thessaloniki Nautical Club , Greece

Thistle Class Association US

ThorpeBayYC.gif (1624 bytes)

Thorpe Bay Yacht Club, UK

Thornbury Sailing Club, UK


Thornbury Yacht Club, Canada


Thousand Islands Yacht Club, Canada

Three Tree Point Yacht Club, WA, US


Thunder Bay Yacht Club, WA, US

Thunderbird Sailing Club, OK, US

Thurmond Lake Sail & Power Squadron, SC, US


Tiburon Yacht Club,  CA, US

Tiddly Cove Yacht Club, BC, Canada

Tierra Verde Yacht Club, FL, US

Titusville Power Squadron, FL, US


Tokyo Sail and Power Squadron, Japan

Toledo Yacht Club, OH, US
Founded 1865

Tollycrafters Northwest

Tollycrafters Northwest, OR, US

Tomahawk Bay Yacht Club

Tomahawk Bay Yacht Club, OR, US

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Toms River Yacht Club, NJ, US
Established 1871

Tonawanda Island Launch Club, NY, US

Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club, US

TonsbergSC.gif (2310 bytes)

Tonsberg Seilforening, Norway

Top Of The Bay Cruising Club Association, MD, US

Tornado Alley Sailing Club, TN, US
Toronto Humber Yacht Club, Canada

TorHydroplane&SC.gif (475 bytes)

Toronto Hydroplane & Sailing Club, Canada

Toronto Island SC

Toronto Island Sailing Club, Canada

TorMultihullCC.gif (478 bytes)

Toronto Muntihull Cruising Club, Canada

TorS&CanoeC.gif (394 bytes)

Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club, Canada

Torreviejo, Real Club Nautico de, Spain


Totem Yacht Club, WA, US

Tower Park Yacht Club, CA, US

Town River Yacht Club, MA, US

Tradewinds Yacht Club, IL, US

Trailer Sailer Association of South Australia, AU

Trailer Sailor, Business

Trans Pacific Yacht Club, US

Trapper Owners Association

Trawlers Forum, US

Treasure Island Sailing Center, CA, US

TreasureIslT&YC.gif (14370 bytes)

Treasure Island Tennis & Yacht Club, FL, US

Treasure Island Yacht Club, CA, US

Tred Avon Yacht Club, MD, US

Trent Valley Sailing Club, UK

Trenton Falls Power Squadron, NJ, US

Tres Rios Power Squadron, CA, US

Tri State Sail & Power Squadron, OH, US

Tri-State Yacht Club. PA, US

Triangle Yacht Club, NY, US

TribschenhornSC.gif (1669 bytes)

Tribshenhorn Segelclub, Switzerland

Trident Yacht Club, Canada

Trimpley Sailing Club, UK

Trinity High School PA, US

Triton Yacht Club, OR, US

Troon Cruising Club, UK

Troy Motor Boat & Canoe Club, NY, US


Tsawwassen Yacht Club, Canada

Tucson Sailing Club, AZ, US

Tulsa Power Squadron, OK, US

Turkey Head Sailing Association, BC,  Canada

Turkish Offshore Racing Club, Turkey

Tuscarora Yacht Club, NY, US

Tutukaka South Pacific Club, New Zealand

Tybee Light Power Squadron, GA, US

Tyee Yacht Club, OR, US

Tyee Yacht Club, WA, US

Tyler Yacht Club, TX, US

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