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Union Boat Club, MA, US

Union Lake Sailing & Tennis Club, NJ, US

Union League Yacht Club, PA, US, Founded 1862

Union Sailing Club, CO, USA

Union-Yacht Club Attersee, Austria

US Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, UD

United States Power Squadron, US


United States Sailing Association, US

United States Yacht Club, WA, US

University of California Irvine, CA, US

University of California Los Angeles Sailing Team, CA, US

University of Kansas, KS, US

University of Michigan Sailing Team, MI, US

University of Minnesota Sailing Team, MN, US

University of Victoria Sailing Club, BC, Canada

University of Portsmouth Sailing Club, UK

University of South Alabama Sailing Team, AL, US

University of Southern California Sailing Team, CA, US

Unqua Corinthian Yacht Club, NY, US

Upnor Sailing Club

Upnor Sailing Club, UK

Upper Connecticut River Boat Club, NH


Upper Keys Sailing Club, FL, US

Upper Minnetonka Yacht Club, MN, US

Upper Thames Motor Yacht Club, UK

Urbanna Creek Yacht Club, VA, US


Uskok Sailing Club, Croatia   Dolphin.gif (3367 bytes)

Utah Lake Yacht Club, UT, US


Utah State University Sailing Club, UT, US

Utica Power Squadron, NY, US

Vallarto Yacht Club, Mexoco

VallejoYV.gif (864 bytes)

Vallejo Yacht Club, CA, US

Valley Ho Power Squadron, CA, US

Vancouver Lake Sailing Club, WA, US

Vancouver Rowing Club, BC, Canada
Founded 1886

Vancouver Yacht Club, WA, US

Vanderbilt University Sailing Team, TN, US

Varazze Club Nautico, Italy

VaucluseYC.gif (1208 bytes)

Vaucluse Yacht Club, Australia

Veddelev Strands Sailing Club, Denmark

Veled'epicainAdriatico.gif (3572 bytes)

Vele d'epoca in Adriatico, Italy

Veleiros do Sul, Brazil

Venice Power Squadron, FL, US

Venice Yacht Club, FL, US

Ventnor Yacht Club, MD, USA

Ventura Power Squadron, CA, US

Ventura Sailing Club, CA, US

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VenturaYC.gif (2327 bytes)

Ventura Yacht Club, CA, US

Venture Sailing Club of South Florida, FL, US

Venture Yacht Club of San Diego, CA, US

Verbano Yacht Club, Stresa, Italy

Verein Seglerhaus am Wannsee, Germany

Vermilion Boat Club, OH, US

Vermillion Power Squadron, OH, US

Vermilion Yacht Club, OH, US7

Vernon Yacht Club, BC, Canada

Vero Beach Power Squadron, FL, US

Veterans Yacht Club Association

VeroBeachYC.gif (10508 bytes)

Vero Beach Yacht Club, FL, US

Vicmead Hunt Club Squadron, DE, US

VictoriaCC.gif (3137 bytes)

Victoria Cruising Club, New Zealand

Victortech Yacht Club, Brazil

Vienna International Sailing Club, Austria

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Vienna Sailing Cruising Club, Austria

Vieques Yacht Club, Puerto Rico, US

Vikings Sailing Club, Malta

Viking Sailing Club, BC, Canada


Viking Yacht Club, WA, US

VilanovaCN.gif (1360 bytes)

Vilanova Club Nautico, Spain

Village Marina & Yacht Club, MO, US

Village West Yacht Club, CA, US

Vilstal Segelclub Steinberg e.V., Germany

Vinyard Haven Yacht Club, MA, US

Virginia Beach Power Squadron, VA, US

Virginia Yacht Club, VA, US

Volunteer Marine Rescue Association, Australia

Volunteer Yacht Club, MA, US
Founded 1887


Voyagers Yacht Club, CA, US
Vulcan Power Squadron, AL, US

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