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Weekapaug Yacht Club, RI, US,
Founded 1893


Weir Wood Sailing Club, UK
Wellesley College Sailing Team, MA, US
Wellesley HS Sailing Club, MA, US


Welton Sailing Club, UK

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Wembley Sailing Club, UK

Wequaquet Lake Yacht Club, MA, US

Wessagussett Yacht Club, MA. US

Wessenburger Segelsportclub e.V., Germany

West Bay Cruising Club, NY, US

West Bay Yacht Club, RI, US

West Bay Yacht Club, WA, US
West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron, FL, US

West Coast Yacht Club, CA, US

West Channel Yacht Club, OH, US

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West Dennis Yacht Club, MA, US

West End Boat Club, PA, US

West End Yacht Club, VA, US

West Indies Yacht Club, Jamaica, BWI

WestKirbySC.gif (2026 bytes)

West Kirby Sailing Club, UK


West Lancashire Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1894

West Point Sailing Team, Army, NY, US

West River Sailing Club, US

West Seattle Yacht Club

West Seattle Yacht Club, WA, US

West Shore Sail Club, MI, US

West Vancouver Yacht Club, BC, Canada

West Wick Yacht Club, UK

Westbank Yacht Club, BC, Canada

Westchester Power Squadron, NY, US

Westerly Yacht Club, RI, US

Western Carolina Sailing Club, SC, US

Western Isles Yacht Club, UK

Western Oregon Messabouts, OR US

Western Port Marina, Australia

West Lake Erie SC

Western Lake Erie Sailing Club, NY, US

Western Reserve Yacht Club, OH, US

WesternportYC.gif (2000 bytes)

Westernport Yacht Club, Australia

Westhaven Yacht Club, New Zealand


Westlake Yacht Club, CA, US

Westlake Yachting Club, OH, US

WestonSC.gif (2634 bytes)

Weston Sailing Club, UK

The Club At Westpoint, CA, US

Westport Yacht Club, NY, US

Westsail Owners Association, US

Westville Power Boat Association, NJ, US

Westwood Sailing Club, Canada

Wet Pants Sailing Association, NY, US

WethersfieldCYC.gif (3990 bytes)

Wethersfield Cove Yacht Club, CT, US

Wexford Harbour Boat & Tennis Club, Ireland

Weybridge Mariners Club, UK

Whaler's Cove Yacht Club, NY, US

Whangarei Cruising Club, New Zealand

Wheeler Yacht Club, AL, US

WhitbyYC.gif (4543 bytes)

Whitby Yacht Club, Ontario, Canada

White Bear Yacht Club, MN, US

White Cliffs Motorboat & Yacht Club, UK

White Lake Yacht Club

White Lake Yacht Club, MI, US

White Point Yacht Club, VA, US

Whitefish Chain Yacht Club, MN, US

Whitfords Bay Sailing Club, Australia

Whitestable Cruising Club, UK

Whitstable Yacht Club, UK

Wianno Yacht Club, MA, US

Wiarton Yacht Club, ON, Canada

Wickford Yacht Club, RI, US

Wicomico Yacht Club, MD, US

WicklowSC.gif (3201 bytes)

Wicklow Sailing Club, Ireland

WiganSC.gif (7379 bytes)

Wigan Sailing Club, UK

Wiheilmshavener Segalclub, Germany

Wild Dunes Yacht Club, SC, US

Wild Harbor Yacht Club, MA, US

Wildwood Sailing Club, ON, Canada

William & Mary College Sailing Team, VA, US


Willamette Sailing Club, OR, US

Willamette River Power Squadron, OR, US


Willamette Yacht Club, OR, US

William H. Seward Yacht Club, AK, US

Williamsburgh Yacht Club, NY, US
Founded 1865

Willow Bank Yacht Club, NY, US

Wilson Cove Yacht Club, CT, USA

Wilmington Power Squadron, DE, US
Wilson Yacht Club, NY, US

Wilsonian Sailing Club, UK

WimbleballSC.gif (4362 bytes)

Wimbelball Sailing Club, UK

Winchester Boat Club, MA, US

Windjammers Sailing Club, WI, US

Windsor Yacht Club, ONT, Canada

Windycrest Sailing Club, OK, US

Windmill Point Yacht Club, VA, US

Windjammers of Clearwater, FL, US

Windjammers Sailing Club, CT, US

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Windjammers Yacht Club, CA, US
Now Santa Monica Windjammers 

Windward Ocean Club, Japan

Winneberg Yacht Club, MO, US

Winnetka Yacht Club, IL, US

Winnipesaukee Yacht Club, NH, US

Winooski Valley Sail & Power Squadron, VT, US

Winter Harbor Yacht Club, ME, US
Winter Harbor Yacht Club, NH, US

Winthrop Harbor Yacht Club, IL, US

Winthrop Yacht Club, MA, US
Established 1884

Wiscasset Yacht Club, ME, US
Wisconsin Yachting Association, WI, US

Wismarer Segler-Verein, Germany

Wissinoming Yacht Club, PA, US
Founded 1909

Wits Yacht Club, South Africa

Wivenhoe Sailing Club, UK

Wolfboro Corinthian Yacht Club, NH, US

Wolfsburger Yachtclub, Alllertal, Germany

Women's Ocean Racing Sailing Association, CA, US

Woodbridge Cruising Club, UK

WoodhullYC.gif (2011 bytes)

Wooden Hull Yacht Club, CA, US

Woodmere Bay Yacht Club, NY, US

World Gentlemen Skippers

World Yacht Club, Nassau, Bahamas

Worser Bay Boating Club, NZ

Worthing Yacht Club

Worthing Yacht Club, UK

Worton Point Yacht Club, PA, US

WraysburyLkSC.gif (1511 bytes)

Wraysbury Lake Sailing Club, UK
Founded 1956, Defunct 2013

WrightsvilleBchORA.gif (107601 bytes)

Wrightsville Beach Ocean Racing Association, NC, US

WWW Yacht Club

Wyandotte Power Squadron, MI, US

Wyandotte Shores Yacht Club, MI, US

Wyandotte Yacht Club, MI, US

Wyncote Yacht Club, NY, US

WynnamManlyYC.gif (2883 bytes)

Wynnam Manly Yacht Club, Australia

WWW Yacht Club

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