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What are Burgees?

Almost every Yacht Club has a unique Burgee (flag) that identifies their member's boats facilitating reciprocal privileges.  There's a lot written about etiquette on how to fly your Burgee depending on vessel type.  Modern sailing vessels fly the burgee from a lanyard under the starboard spreader on the main mast.  While older sailing vessels fly the burgee from the main masthead.  Power boats fly their Burgee off a short staff on the bow.  Yachtees love "Opening Day" when they get to parade their yachts and fly their Burgees

To Register Your Burgee -- send an email to  and include your web address, or an image of the burgee.  Registering your burgee in the International Burgee Registry is FREE.

The International Burgee Registry publishes yacht club burgees as a free service to the yacht clubs to help protect their copyright to their burgee.  By displaying their burgee here, they reduce the possibility of other organizations adopting their design.  Along these lines, we recommend yacht clubs display the following image on their web sites.


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