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Private Flag Registry

In the yachting community, many skippers fly their own private flag.  The private flag is designed by the skipper and flown on his boat only.  It may be a corporate logo, family crest, or a fun flag.  

Below are the private flags we know about.

Aadrik - Pamela Grinter

Alex Van Rensselager

Allen Murphy

Andrea Aras Sailing Vessel

Arthur Hall

Arruda Family, Santos, Brizil

Axe-Martini Racing

Babcock Family

Barton & Gray Mariners

Bill Mayer

Bob McKinzey, TX 

Brad Webster

Bradish Family
Brady Brim-DeForest of Balvaird Castle

Brian Bills, MD

Brierly Family, Ohio
Bucci Family, Marco Bucci

Burgee Press
Canfield Family, FL

Captain Jason P. Terruso

Caribbean Souls, TX

Charles M. LaBow

Carswell Chipman

Chipman Engineers

Classic Boat Tours of Door County

Clifford Lasnetske

Dawn Piper Sailing Vessel

Darwin Sailing Vessel

Dauphine Sailing Vessel

Dennis Bailey

DePalma Family
Chris and Tim Doering

Don Makowiecki

Dominique Jegaden, France

Dugan Family

Erik & Bianca Hegre, MA, US

Extended University Programs

Frank & Diane Regan

Gidaway, Helen Giduz

Grant MacLaren

Gregory Mesniaeff
George Combs

Halcyon, J. Chressy Yawl

Halling Family Burgee

Hattendorf, Jack

Heckman Family Signal Flag

SV High Tea, Blake Banky
Ian Wheeler Flag

Ifish.Net Salty Dogs

Imperial Company

Jack Geirhart

Jeff Barraclough Family

Jefferson Kirkland

John Miota

John Van Derbeek
Jonathan Hitt

Jose C. Alegria

Joseph Aquilla

K3ZR, Peter Huber, Silent Key
K+M Commons

Katona Dovetail

Kevin & Penne Barton


Tom Lacy

Leonard Almo

Leonard Bose

Lori Eger

SC Margarita,

Mark Stanvick

Martha Deleeuw

Morse Associates

Old Crow s/v

Owen C Smith

Paul Brown Family

Peter Eschauzier

Peter Huber

Peter Pappas

Ralph Barker Family

Randy Woods

Ray M. Freeman, MD
M/V Silver Swan

Rakestraw Family

Red Sky, Bill & Patricia Milner

Roger Werner

Paul Rossman

Scott P. Marks

Sellby Chipman
Siebert, Susie & Rudi

Stafford-Ames Morse

Tassos Stassinopoulos

 Stead, Michael John Family

Stephen Alexander

Stephens Boat Owners

Steve Gilley

Schooner Summer Wind, American Sailing Tours.

Sundancer, Canoe

Thatcher Stone, NY

Thrasher Family, BC, Canada

Todd Powell

Todd Pullen/Nautilus



Yankee of San Francisco

Yoh Aoki, Aoki Yachts, Japan

Nick & Joanna Walton, MA, US

If you have a private house flag you would like displayed here, send us a GIF or JPG image in the bottle below and we will add it to the list.

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