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Hacking's Law

Captain Nigel Hacking (GBR), Secretary General of IYRU, who had an enormous experience with Olympic Regattas over the years, had - as a result - formulated the following "law":

"That the sailing conditions on the field of play - wind direction & strength - seas, current,  waves, etc., during the Olympic Regatta will never be the same as they were in the years leading up to that Olympic Regatta"

Fortunately, that was not the case in Long Beach in 1984 :-)  All races were sailed as scheduled and no reserve days were needed to complete the regatta.

    Medal Winners
International  Finn (28 entries)                                    Finn-1     Finn-2

International Flying Dutchman (17 entries)                   FD-1         FD-2

International 470 (28 entries)                                    470-1        470-2

International Soling (22 entries)                                Soling-1    Soling-2

International Star (19 entries)                                   Star-1        Star-2

International Tornado (20 entries)                         Tornado-1    Tornado-2

International Windglider (38 entries)                         WG-1            WG-2

As can be seen, the U.S. Team, under the direction of Sam Merrick, was very successful, winning a medal in every class!