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The Other  Venue Stuff

What has yet to be mentioned in this rather brief "retrospective" are all the other elements that contributed to the success of the 1984 Olympic Regatta. They are noted here as follows:


The Protocol Committee was comprised of  24 volunteers, including the Director of Protocol and her Deputy. They were responsible for the following:


Yachting Opening Ceremony

Was held at the Olympic Harbor the day following the Opening Ceremony at the L.A. Coliseum.  A grandstand had been erected to accommodate 2,000+ spectators. The stands were occupied by the IYRU delegation, the Yachting staff and "team supporters".

The ceremony commenced with all sixty teams marching with LAOOC placard bearers and national flags in front of the grandstands accompanied by live band music. (Check it out)
While this was taking place, the 1932 gold medal winning eight-meter yacht "Angelita" sailed into the Olympic Harbor. After a few "Welcome" remarks by Commissioner Hinshaw, IYRU President Croce and Peter Tallberg, representing IOC President Samaranch, the LAOOC, IYRU and IOC flags were raised and the Yachting events of the Games were officially declared open.

Awards and Closing Ceremony

Commenced at 1800 on the day following the last race at the same site described above. Following the march of the athletes, the awards ceremony began. After the medals were awarded, Commissioner Hinshaw and IYRU President Croce said their farewells and The Lord Killanin (representing IOC President Samaranch) officially closed the Olympic Regatta of the Games of the XXIIIrd Olympiad.
The LAOOC, IYRU and IOC flags were then lowered.

Commissioner Hinshaw then invited the staff, athletes and team officials, members of the Olympic Family and all guests to a farewell party. It was held in the measurement and yacht repairs tents.
Over 3,000 attended and the last guests left at midnight.